Daniel Ukwe Poems

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Lord's Of Poverty

In lands both near and far,
Where people struggle day by day,
There reigns a force so dark and mar,
A curse that will not go away.

The Burning Bush

Moses, wandering in the desert sand,
Encountered a sight that made him understand,
A bush that burned, yet was not consumed,
A miracle before him, it seemed to loom.

The Boy Slave

Born into bondage,
A slave boy's life begun
Chains and shackles,
His only companion

The Bitter One's Leave

Bitter one's leave, their journey done,
Their time with us, now forever gone.
Memories they've left, still linger on,
Of laughter and love, now replaced by a dawn.

Dreams We Pick

In the world of endless possibilities,
We choose the dreams we seek.
We pluck them from the field of imagination,
And let our hopes take a peak.

Where I Belong

Where I belong, oh where could that be?
Is it in the mountains or by the sea?
Maybe in a bustling city street,
Or in a quiet town with fields of wheat?

So Take My Eyes!

So take my eyes, and see for me
All the beauty that surrounds
The colors of the sunset's hue
The stars that fill the night with sounds


Nemesis, the goddess of retribution,
A fearsome force of divine execution,
She watches from the shadows with eyes of fire,
Waiting for the wicked to face their final hour.

Old School Love.

Old school love,
the kind that lasts,
where hearts are joined
and time moves fast.

Her Scent!

Her Scent

Her scent, a fragrant breeze,
That swirls around my being,

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