Dreams We Pick Poem by Daniel Ukwe

Dreams We Pick

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In the world of endless possibilities,
We choose the dreams we seek.
We pluck them from the field of imagination,
And let our hopes take a peak.

Some dream of climbing mountains high,
While others yearn to fly.
Some dream of love that never fades,
While others want to touch the sky.

We pick our dreams with care and thought,
For they are what inspire.
They give us the strength to carry on,
When life's struggles seem dire.

With each dream we pick, we take a step,
Towards a life that's bright and true.
For dreams are what make us who we are,
And help us see our journey through.

So pick your dreams with hope and joy,
And let your heart take flight.
For when you chase your dreams with passion,
The world will be a sight.

Dreams we pick are the seeds we sow,
And the stars that guide our way.
May we never forget to dream,
And let our spirits soar each day.

Dreams We Pick
Saturday, March 11, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams,hope
Daniel Mentor 11 March 2023

brilliant piece

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Daniel Ukwe 11 March 2023

Thanks I appreciate

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