Dave Tanguay

Rookie (Nov.8,1948 / Westbrook, Maine)

Dave Tanguay Poems

1. A Language Not Yet Completely Fulfilled 8/22/2007
2. Let Us Give Thanks (Poem) 8/23/2007
3. Artist And War (Poem) 8/23/2007
4. Get Your Act Together (Poem) 8/23/2007
5. The Good And The Bad (Poem) 8/24/2007
6. Love Is Indeed A True Obligation (Poem) 8/24/2007
7. Get Real With Your Child (A Different Approach) 8/26/2007
8. Being Born On An Election Month 8/27/2007
9. Another Election Rolls Around In The Good Old U.S.A. 8/29/2007
10. The Lady And The Tramp (A Tribute) 8/29/2007
11. Getting Old? I Don’t Think So! (Poem) 8/30/2007
12. What Is This Thing I See? (Poem) 9/29/2007
13. With The Help From The Man Up-Above (Poem) 10/24/2007
14. But To Some It’s For Real (Poem) 11/24/2007
15. So Far Away (Poem) 8/23/2007
16. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1/11/2008
17. Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do 3/13/2008
18. Nature And Spring (Poem) 4/3/2008
19. Election 08 (Poem) 4/30/2008
20. God Shed His Grace On Thee (Poem) 5/12/2008
21. How Come You Don’t Know How Come? 7/23/2008
22. What’s It All About? (Poem) 9/9/2008
23. Lord Jesus I Ask You (Poem) 9/14/2008
24. I Look At Fall As A Wise Old Lady (Poem) 10/18/2008
25. See The Tree (Poem) 11/20/2008
26. With A Thing Called Love (Poem) 3/25/2009
27. Freedom! Is To Serve (Poem) 8/24/2007
28. Thank God! For The Working Man 8/25/2007
29. A Different Outlook On Psychology (Commentary) 8/25/2007
30. The Way We Were 8/25/2007
31. Four Major Flaws In Our System 8/25/2007
32. Straight As In Love (Poem) 8/26/2007
33. I Am A Schizo-What? 9/2/2007
34. A Thought For 9/11 (Poem) 9/10/2007
35. I Owe! I Owe! So It’s Off To Work I Go (Poem) 8/23/2007
36. Beauty Glows From Within (Poem) 8/23/2007
37. The Completion At Last (Poem) 8/23/2007
38. New Year Resolutions For The Year 2011 (Poem) 12/24/2010
39. As Simple As “love” (Poem) 8/22/2007
40. Fall: As A Passage Of Our Lives 10/16/2007

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Best Poem of Dave Tanguay

Flower Children Of The 60s (Poem)

Peace and Love was the sign of the flower child
In the sixties, the young were passive not wild

They believed in peace, love, - giving, and sharing
Often judged, - not by their deeds, but for what they
Were wearing

Their parents were hardcore, most of them survivors of war
Worked hard for their children, to see they were provided for

To them freedom had a whole different meaning,
Found it hard to understand - why their children were
So alienating

Lack of understanding made the young feel as though they
Were caught in a trap
The ...

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See The Tree (Poem)

See the tree that I planted with love
As she grows reaching out for the clouds up above

It was merely a small twig when I put it in the ground
I watched her grow and kept her save and sound

Like a child I had to nourish her with water and love
Until she was able - with nature to take hold of

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