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I was born in Westbrook, Maine The 10th. child of a family of 11 children. I served in Vietnam in 1967-69 I became active with the youth movement of the '60s on completion of millitary service. Now retired and living in Florida.(Still believe in the young)

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Flower Children Of The 60s (Poem)

Peace and Love was the sign of the flower child
In the sixties, the young were passive not wild

They believed in peace, love, - giving, and sharing
Often judged, - not by their deeds, but for what they
Were wearing

Their parents were hardcore, most of them survivors of war
Worked hard for their children, to see they were provided for

To them freedom had a whole different meaning,
Found it hard to understand - why their children were
So alienating

Lack of understanding made the young feel as though they
Were caught in a trap
The discrepancy between these age groups, became
Commonly known as the generation gap.

Those involved in this epoch of time, all believed the world
Was in need of a revolutionary change
Their acts of rebellion, were acts of love, divinely prearranged

These baby boomers, with their idealistic dreams
Their hearts overflowing with love; - this is what made
Them gleam

What happened to this generation of peace seeking warriors?
They became doctors, lawyers, actors, and bill collectors

It’s a shame from their vision - they had the world beginning
To listen
For the uniting of the world, it seemed, - was about to be


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Dave Tanguay Popularity

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