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I was on top of the mountain looking down,
There you were, stuck on the ground,
In life I had it all, never had to crawl,
If there was beauty, it was all around me,

Music keeps me swinging,
Swinging down big city streets,
Wondering just who I shall meet,
How shall I greet? Who will I defeat?

Life sure is a mystery,
Every day we repeat our history,
A giant lake,
Filled with all our mistakes,

My heart bleeds through my tears,
A river meanders through the desert sands,
From pain life springs forth,
An Oasis appears from the barren land,


Life on earth is hard,
It is something we earned,
Every day a body is burned,
What a terrible fate,

Winter nights are cold,
And you're feeling old,
Stuck under the overpass,
You just can't get past,

One day there'll be no more sorrow,
One day we'll be free,
One day no one will cry,
One day the blind shall see!

No more words to say,
Sadly you went away,
Now the sky is grey,
Don't know what to say,

Did I ask too much?
Or am I just losing my touch?
Is it a step too far for you to leap?
Or do I just make you weep?

It starts with a gentle feeling, then
It builds to a quiet yearning,
It might start to hurt, then,
You'll know all about the burning.

In a time of life where there is only strife,
It is easy to forget about the meaning of life,
When the wheel of life turns too fast or too slow,
It is then that only the wise will know,

What will you do when this fight is over?
Will you still want to beat me then?
What will you do when you realise,
That I'm your only friend?

When your soul takes fright and you can't see the light,
When you hide in that dark place behind your eyes,
Where you can't hear their lies,
When this is the only safe place to cry,

You're a rebel in the dark with nothing to see,
You're looking for answers, but nothing is clear,
And you're still too dumb to know any fear,
You're searching for the light that you can't see,

We're travelers and we have no home,
We're travelers and we are trying to atone,
We're travelers and we have no name,
We're travelers with no one to blame,

What has happened to Reason?
Did it leave when we lost our Feelings?
What happened to Believing?
Did it blow away with the change in season?

Sometimes there is only doubt,
Sometimes there is great pain,
Is there nothing to gain, or,
Am I just going insane?

March 25 and I heard you were still alive,
So I sent a policeman,
Asked him to tell a lie,
'Love is giving someone the power,

I see flames reaching high and the world is red,
Confusion reigns as reason is dead,
Today my heart it is breaking,

From the dawn of time,
We've been telling the same old lies,
Closing our ears to the women's cries,
And our hearts to the children's sighs,

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A Strong Mind And A Gentle Heart

I was on top of the mountain looking down,
There you were, stuck on the ground,
In life I had it all, never had to crawl,
If there was beauty, it was all around me,
Sunset glowing against a purple sky,
Why did I feel like I had to cry?

I saw your hand waving down below,
In my throat a lump began to grow,
The pain in my heart knew,
I have been missing you!

So where to now?
What will Grace allow?
You struggle up towards me,
Trying to break free from the hands,
Hands that hold you back,
Hoping that you will crack,

With a strong mind and gentle heart,
The dark will never keep us apart!
Deep runs my pain as I see your tears,
Your love greater than my fears,
You shine your light into my mind,
Shadows caused by my delusions,
Reflections of great confusion,

I wonder where will we meet?
Should I go down to the streets?
Will you make it on your own?
I just don't want to be alone!

With battered hands and bleeding heart,
Your strong mind shouts out loud,
Breaking free from the crowd,
You reach out to free my soul,
To tear the pain from a sad man,
A leap of faith spreads hope across the land,

Despite my doubts I need to see you,
Reaching down I lift you up,
Together we drink from His cup,
Was I your inspiration or you my consolation?
The crowds sense the moment, feel the grace,
As I reach out and touch your face!

13 May 2012

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Pheko Motaung 23 June 2012

A strong fantastic MAGICAL poem! You're the outstanding poet of our times! Thanks for enlightening us!

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