Rookie (9/19/1963)


1. Extraordinary Peaple 12/4/2004
2. Emotional Complexitys 12/6/2004
3. Chakras Blues78 12/12/2004
4. Waiting Underneath The Stars908 12/15/2004
5. Slight Departure,2 6/30/2005
6. Bag Full Of Snakes 098 11/10/2005
7. Digesting The Moment 97 11/13/2005
8. Old Man 2 11/14/2005
9. Im Junk Food For Her,1 7/28/2005
10. Playing In The Dark1 7/30/2005
11. Get Off The Street 9876 5/12/2005
12. Broken And Dented Parts 5/13/2005
13. Torn Jeans, 11/26/2005
14. To Much Mileage..........412b 11/18/2005
15. The Back Wash Of Confusion.....95b 1/5/2006
16. Naked Love 4/7/2006
17. Mother Teresa 4/7/2006
18. Hanging Upside Down 4/8/2006
19. Spiritual Amnesia 12/22/2004
20. Physician Heal Thyself1 12/29/2004
21. Its All In A Hand Shake 4/18/2006
22. I Stirred My Coffee49 5/6/2005
23. To Laugh Like That Has To Be A Sin90 10/21/2005
24. Flowers, Candles, Red Wine2 7/15/2005
25. Changing And Rechanging75 6/8/2005
26. Love, Hope....... 4/7/2005
27. Life 6/16/2004
28. Slipped Into Rememering89 5/19/2005
29. Zombied -Out 3/7/2006
30. Apocalyptic Love........... 3/8/2006
31. Conducters Whistle 3/11/2006
32. Half Way Happy 3/12/2006
33. We Tip Toe Around The Edges 3/16/2006
34. Spirit Fly 3/17/2006
35. Hospitals And Medicine 3/23/2006
36. Gypsy Scholer 3/24/2006
37. Gentle Pain 3/30/2006
38. Nails That Cut, The Chalk Bourd Of The Soul 3/30/2006
39. The Pulse Of Love 4/6/2006
40. Under A Church Clock 2/7/2006

Comments about DAVID GERARDINO

  • Ruby Root (7/13/2006 4:37:00 PM)

    David I think your poetry is facinating, unique and original. You have your own creative style. Take care.

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  • Meghan - (6/28/2006 7:24:00 PM)

    I love your poetry. The imagery is amazing and the way you write is very strange. Look forward to reading more. Good luck.


  • Diana Frances (11/11/2005 7:14:00 PM)

    I just spent an hour reading through your poems, Dave. Some made me very sad, others got a belly laugh. Whichever way, though, you have major talent with the written word. The images you conjure up are remarkable. Thank you.

  • Sapna Shamsundar (8/25/2005 10:44:00 AM)

    thank you for ur comments on my poem, i did read yours and i liked a 'child is born' its very touching in a strange sort a way

  • Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun (7/19/2005 10:18:00 PM)

    Hi David, lol, I am still getting use to this site. I am looking forward to reading more of your poetry. Take care :)

  • Joe Prieto (7/5/2005 10:28:00 PM)

    your poems are very good, keep it up

  • Michael Shepherd (4/27/2005 10:06:00 AM)

    David, you're a natural and I think you may be a genius, but I'm not sure yet...


A Child Is Born

Dream child dream, light
up the skies with your
laughter, let your tears
fill the ground with love,
show the world theres
still hope, and show them,
a child will lead..

Read the full of A Child Is Born

Part One.....

Maybe, ill sing you a love song.
Maybe, ill show you im strong.
But ill be looking around for you,
looking just like a fool, to get you,
back into my life.Maybe, ill shed
a few tears, or maybe, ill show you
my fears.But ill be looking around
for you, looking just like a fool, to
get back into my life.

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