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this is for bon jour joelle,
my truest foul weather friend:
may our drunken adventures always last
until we're born again.

tell the bells to please stop ringing;
halt the horns so cease they cry;
forbade the watchmen to go on singing,
'from the lake, from the hills, from the sky,

they the people, united by flashing lights
huddeled alone with sharp words taken flight

they the people, who love things that do not move

is it day or night my love she asked
the light is dim and for not i know
no said he it is that time at last
when the world like us is all a'glow

we once dreamt together... (didn't we?)
literally our imaginations were in tune;
when the roll of the years ahead of us be,
and the tolling of the bells in june.

there are many blessings to be counted,
when first our eyes are opened wide.
love me this morning, my darling -
from each other let us not hide.

nobody knows when that day will come,
but he arrives all the same and cares not when
the clocks will all stop and dancing be done.

as i lay awake and aching
sing a song for my melancholy loves
for honest, open, agonies and breaking
held softly on your cradling hands

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In Praise Of Women

this is for bon jour joelle,
my truest foul weather friend:
may our drunken adventures always last
until we're born again.

this is for sweet virgil d,
who guides lost poets through hell:
we've both got la vita nuova syndrome
and many sad stories to tell.

pull out your pipe and blow it lad,
you'll understand when you're older!
sing it loud, 'in praise of women,
for those who none are bolder! '

this for salsera nat,
who never gives up on me:
someday we'll both be famous
for making white people see.

this is for amanda,
who was once the love of my life:
i'll always cherish the good times
thank god you're not my wife.

raise that banner high my lad,
and watch it fly above!
and sing with me, 'in praise of women,
who've taught us how to love! '

this is for melissa,
who writes for those who can't read:
i'm right there with you baby
i'm shocked they're allowed to breed.

this is for sweet nordic L.M.
who loves both beer and cats:
thank you for the mariokart
the whippits and the scratch.

put on your shoes and dance my lad,
don't let life pass you by!
join this song, 'in praise of women,
who's friendship will never die! '

this is for just jennifer,
who fights her battles with words:
thank you for reminding me
honesty's not for the birds.

this is for chrissie from three's,
who saved me in new york:
i bless you and your grandma's sauce
for feeding this starving dork.

make sure your heart's set firm lad,
keep your eyes as keen as a knife!
and sing with me, 'in praise of women,
who have given us new life! '

this is for allison and for liza,
and for others too many to name:
your kind words came to me gently
to you, right back the same.

and finally, yet somehow firstly,
to my mother who is to blame -
for my being: i thank you greatly
i like my face and name.

someday you'll look behind you lad
the world will strangely seem,
and you'll whisper, 'in praise of women,
i know just what you mean! '

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