Is It Day Or Night My Love She Asked. Poem by David Grant Sinclair

Is It Day Or Night My Love She Asked.

is it day or night my love she asked
the light is dim and for not i know
no said he it is that time at last
when the world like us is all a'glow

i fear this is a dream said she
for this cannot last it is not real
this is the song of our days cried he
it sings with golds and reds with zeal

she did reply but it too will go
like us so soon it won't last long
then love it now he said and know
what love can be before its gone


when love does go, then does come night
and moonlight shines, though not as bright
as daylights glow, in pale grey light

you cannot see in dark, she'll say
and love is faint like Cybil's glow
if gold and red are seen in day
then night is when the shadows grow

when shadow grows in heart like ice
then night is sure to stay, she sighed
and surely moon glow won't suffice
for lovers blinded by love's light


the night is certain, yes tis fate
the sun must yield it is not fair
darkness is common make no mistake
it is the sun which is more rare

there be shadows always my love
at noon, at sea, and across the glen
have faith for like the sun above
we all one day must dawn again

i once flew through a horrid storm
blue and black and lightning flashed
till cracked open by a sunset warm
you see it is the sun that lasts

you must see because it is your eyes
that fail you when the night's abound
the sun puts shame to all its lies
beauty is certain, the earth is round

Virginie Guillemette 23 March 2007

by far my favorite still. and reading it imparts a thrill... but you should give credit where it's due... or i'll hesitate to collaborate with you!

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