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I used to write poetry at school back in the 60s and them somehow lost the habit.

Only this year did i begin to write again.

Some poems are in what I call my 'country and western style', some are somewhat morose and others wistful or playful or funny..

Whatever, I get a lot out of writing them.

I rate other poems I read. Plese rate mine. Feedback of any form is invaluable.

Thank you,


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The Kiss I Miss

That kiss, that kiss
That childlike kiss
That pecky on the cheek kiss
That I am here kiss
That who the hell cares kiss
That kiss, that kiss I miss

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Bob Fletcher 15 October 2013

Enjoyed reading your poems,

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Golden Ways 10 December 2008

I am in love with your poems. Especially 'Cry Freedom '. I would like to use it as a tattoo. Hopefully this is ok with you. Please let me know. I love it so much.

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Timothy Werner 19 December 2004

The styles in your poems are beautiful. I love the rhythm to poetry and yours packs a mouth full, Congratulations on so many great Poems.

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Michael Shepherd 13 October 2004

I'm really enjoying and admiring your poetry, David. I look forward to more. Best, Michael

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