The Stolen Generation Poem by David Keig

The Stolen Generation

Rating: 3.9

They took me from my mother
But I didn’t even know
I was just a few months old
And she knew not where I’d go
She was a big black woman
I don’t know about my dad
Its now I have my grandchildren
That I’m starting to feel sad
I have blue eyes and had blonde hair
But it’s now greying gradually
I couldn’t say I was an Abo
Or they’ take the brush to me
Scrub away your blackness
Said the nuns in the Church school
Religion’s here to save you
But you must obey our rules
Rule one – you just be grateful
You’re in white society
Rule two – you must be silent
And accept humility
I scrubbed and scrubbed my body
Till I couldn’t scrub no more
The scrubbing didn’t make me white
Just made my skin red raw
I was made to feel ashamed you see
Of being just what I am
And those bastards in the priest house
Were even crueller than
Those who’d broke a family
And split us up at birth
That’s why they should say sorry
For all that they are worth.

Dan Egan 10 November 2015

Hi David, I love your poem Stolen Generation - it really touched my heart. I am a musician and would like to use it in a song; it would not be for commercial release but I would be glad to share it with you to do whatever you like with. Regards, Dan Egan

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Lorraine Colon 11 November 2015

Your poem is filled with emotion that transfers to the reader. And if there should be a judgement in the hereafter, the Church will have a lot to account for. A very well written poem, telling a very sad story.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 11 November 2015

I agree with your opinion.

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Robert Gilchrist 10 November 2016

The hurt of generations comes through your passionate words

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Rajendran Muthiah 05 June 2017

She feels ashamed for being just what she is even as a grandmother. The poet has made a sorrow-laden heart to speak.

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Jeff Hobbs 21 March 2024

Wish you could meet Andrew Bolt, the journalist, who claims you don't exist. Sorry.

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If we take birth in a society that is looked down upon we are quite incapable of scrubbing away such blackness. But the black thoughts will make their life black

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Jeff Hobbs 11 September 2022

I will always say sorry but I am never sure if that means anything. I'd rather sit and have a drink and spend some time yarning. That makes sorry real.

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Benjamin mendy 06 June 2022

I am using this for work L

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ALSAY 16 August 2021

This poem relates a little to the film Rabbit Proof Fence. Thanks : )

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