David Kinyanjui Poems

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The First Time I Saw Her.

The first time I saw her,
even though it was from afar,
she made me go gaga!

Hum! De-Dum Hum!

I saw them in town,
they were two sitting down.
The big lady was beating drums,
Hum! de-dum! Hum!


It happened so fast,
that I found myself in the past.
In a shake of a lambs tail,
I could only tell the tale.

Lady Of Mine.

Lady of mine,
A precious jewel from the depth of a mine.
You are curved of a valuable stone,
that is tender to touch, soft in tone.

You That You Are!

You have blessed me abundantly,
Taught me that not all things are done abruptly.
As sure as the rising sun in the east,
You set a table for me in your feast.


I have been dealt with cards,
Some have had me scarred.
It is not as if no one cared,
For that reason, I am not scared.

He Is Slow

He is slow,
This on him, is as white as a snow.
And so,
He might get a little late to reap what he sow.

I Should Begin.

It was fools day.
And since it is only fools who rush in,
I held my horses, kept them at bay.
I did not consider that if I were to start I should begin.

The Story

A story is told,
Of those that are bold.
The ones that are as strong as a stallion,
Who go out of their way to clinch the medallion.


Life can be a gold ring on the snout of a pig,
Very precious, but good for nothing to a creature so big.
Ask a chameleon resting on a feeble twig,
To it, the rest is not a gig.