1. Ode To Her 8/11/2010
2. During The Time We Were In Love 8/11/2010
3. I Remember You 4/19/2011
4. I Am But A Man 4/19/2011
5. So Few 4/19/2011
6. The Song Of She I Loved 4/19/2011
7. The Consummation 4/19/2011
8. For The Lady By The Lake 4/19/2011
9. To Say 5/4/2011
10. The Lady In The Snow 5/4/2011
11. My Rage 5/4/2011
12. When We Were Young 5/14/2011
13. Words For My Son Today 5/14/2011
14. Today In Which To Live 5/14/2011
15. Questions My Son Asks Me 5/14/2011
16. The Dirge 5/14/2011
17. My Dreams Of You 5/16/2011
18. This Desperate Plea 5/16/2011
19. I Smile When I Think Of You 6/5/2011
20. What You Mean To Me 6/5/2011
21. Longing Across The Room 6/6/2011
22. I Remember 6/6/2011
23. It Was 6/6/2011
24. Sunshine From Sorrow 9/6/2011
25. Where 9/7/2011
26. I Want 9/8/2011
27. The Hollow Place 9/9/2011
28. He Bids Her Goodbye 6/12/2011
29. One For She Who Lies 7/15/2011
30. And Yet I Remember 9/13/2011
31. From Afar 9/14/2011
32. Lay It Down 9/15/2011
33. Somewhere 9/19/2011
34. What You Didn'T Have To Do, Melody Sue 9/20/2011
35. Farewell To The City 9/22/2011
36. Five Times 9/24/2011
37. Time 9/27/2011
38. Purity 9/27/2011
39. What I Look Forward To 9/28/2011
40. I Have A Secret To Keep 10/3/2011

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Best Poem of DAVID TERRY

Things I Love

I love the sun
I love lying in the sun, relaxing on a lounge
Working hard for a cold glass of sweet tea
Playing in the water, fishing in the late afternoon
I love the sun very much
But not as much as I love you

I love a glass of wine
I love a glass of red wine beside the company of a lady
Talking over the day, bathing in the winelight
Listening to soft music by a fire together
I love a glass of wine very much
But not as much as I love you

I love the words
I love forming the words into meaningful tapestries
Searching for just the right phrase, ...

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I Remember You

After all this time, I still remember you
When I look east, I see your face in the sky
Your eyes in all sparkling stars
Your touch through a breeze
Your perfume on the jasmine wind
After all this time I still remember the draw of you

After all this time I still think of you
When I sit here, I still imagine all your words

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