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Drip, dropp Drip
The facet go
creak, creak, creak
the floor boards go


Life have happiness
Life have laughter
life has love
life has joy

sleep at night
a peaceful sleep
drifting into dreams
not talk

Having done this in a long time
I hanger been on a play date
My mom is making me do this
Going on a stupid play date

it's hard to find love
how to feel
if you grow up
with no one to have

Comes and goes
Just flows

Shutter in despair
Crying tears down your face
Stuff you just can't bare
No way I can start this race.

How would you feel,
To not be love,
Words stuck in your throat,
Being a grey world.

who do you think you are
coming around here
do you know who i am
tryibg to crush my dreams

I try to make it worth it
Don't you see that im devasted
Try to tell you who I am
Meant for life

it's that someone that makes everyday smilies
even sometimes laugh
it's that someone that makes you run a mile
even go through foggy ash

Day by day the Sun rise
Day by day the Sun set
Day by day the birds tweet
Day by day we see the mountain peak

Walking up
Not time to get up
Waking up
Not time

IN a life full of wonders
worrying about compassion
past full of regrets
dark thoughts full of evil

Dawn Lambert Biography

I grew up in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma. My birth name is Dawn Dasha Johnson, my name now is Dawn Lambert. I usually keep my life very personal and let it out through poems. I am a shy person and have a searing imagination. I love writers Samuel Coleridge and Tennyson. 'Above, the fair hall, ceiling stately set Many an arch high up did lift, And angels rising and descending met With interchange of gift. ' - Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 'The Palace of Art')

The Best Poem Of Dawn Lambert

The Sound Of Aloneness

Drip, dropp Drip
The facet go
creak, creak, creak
the floor boards go
swish, swish, swish
the trees out front go
the sound when your alone

tweet, tweet tweet
the birds go
swoosh swoosh swoosh
the waves go
swoosh whoosh swoosh
the cars go
the beautiful sounds of alone

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Dawn Lambert Popularity

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