dead before I died

dead before I died Poems

1. On Her Way To Heaven 6/22/2007
2. Taking Me Down To Be There With Her 6/22/2007
3. My Cemetery Days 6/24/2007
4. I Will Always Want To Believe 6/29/2007
5. For Nobody's Tears 6/29/2007
6. When God Forgives 6/29/2007
7. Death Of Life 7/17/2007
8. Are You Coming For Me Now God! 7/17/2007
9. He'L Love You When You'Re Dead 7/17/2007
10. The Resurrection Of My Mother 3/12/2009
11. Parabolic Deep 3/14/2009
12. What Lies Below The Willow 3/14/2009
13. Behind The Words 3/14/2009
14. Until Sunrise Never Comes 3/14/2009
15. The Girl In The Meadow 3/14/2009
16. And Who Will Save God! 5/26/2009
17. When School's Really Out Forever 6/1/2009
18. Raw Collosal Prawns 6/1/2009
19. Bitter Sweet 6/15/2009
20. Dead Sleep 11/13/2009
21. Dead Before I Died 11/20/2009
22. Cemetery Dreamer 11/24/2009
23. Half Past Hell 9/4/2010
24. A Time To Die 7/9/2007
25. Dead On Arrival 7/10/2007
26. He Will Never Dream Of Teddy Bears 1/12/2009
27. Gladly Forgotten 7/17/2007
28. All That Any Poet Can Ask For 7/20/2007
29. Foolish Heart! 11/23/2009
30. Things My Dead Mother Told Me 6/18/2007
31. Deep Of The Water 6/18/2007

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Deep Of The Water

Down in the water
by the edge of the river
where time stands still,
.....if only forever.

Down in the water
by the edge of the river
where I buried all
that was ever childhood

Where I let it go,
where it bends and meanders,
twisting along as the years went past.
Seemingly calm, but beneath the surface
its hidden whirlpools, a sweeping current!

Down in the water,
I left the edge of the river,
as I looked down
for my soul at the bottom.

Deep in the water!
swept away by the river! ,

I drowned in life, ...

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When God Forgives

I 've said
the meanest things to God,
I've made him hurt and cry,
and I have made him wish, so many times,
that he shouldn't have given me life.

But when I ask him to give me strength!
When I call him by his name! ,

I know he will forgive me,
..........for he loves me when I pray

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