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Above all, I am a romantic. Above all, love conquers hate. In essence, I write about human nature.

My poetry has been compared to that of Shel Silverstein and Charles Bukowski.

I don't care for self-written bio's in the third person, and I find political correctness to be utterly offensive.

A very cute, smart girl once said, " never b ...

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I eat 19 April 2019

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Ode To My Mother

My Mother is seventy-five today
And still alive thank God
We could have lost her many times
But she would never abandon us
No she will never go until she knows
We are ready and able to stand alone
And God knows as she does
That we are never alone
For they are always there
With us every step of the way
Above and with us
In our minds, in our thoughts, in our actions
For it is they who taught us
It is they who show us the way
They who light our paths
They who help raise us
When we stumble and fall
They who help us heal
Our cuts and grazes
Whether they be body or mind or both
She God's Daughter, one of many
As her Mother was and is
As her Father was and is
God's Son, one of many
And so all before them
And so all here now
And so all to come
Yes, another happy day today
And special like every day
But even more so due to her
And her fine stoic grace
And her always loving soul
As special if not more so
Than any living day
Or perhaps equally so
As great and fine things are
And will always be
Just as she will always be
In our blessed minds and hearts
Now and for all eternity
God and they and she

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Dean Meredith Popularity

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