Dean Simpson

Rookie (21/07/1988 / LONDON! ! !)

Dean Simpson Poems

1. Hold Hope Close By Your Side... 12/3/2006
2. By My Side... 12/6/2006
3. Wear Me Like A Locket 12/8/2006
4. Memories Of A Distant And Close Past 12/12/2006
5. The Pressure 12/18/2006
6. My Brother In Iraq 1/3/2007
7. The Hangover 1/30/2007
8. My Broken Valentines 2/14/2007
9. The Feeling 4/23/2007
10. Vodka And A Lit Cigarette 4/23/2007
11. Runaway... 4/23/2007
12. Old Story, New Words 4/26/2007
13. Getting Me Through 4/26/2007
14. If I Crash And Fall 5/2/2007
15. The Never-Ending Fight... 5/2/2007
16. Still Thinking Of You... 6/4/2007
17. The Waiting Game 6/24/2007
18. A Postcard From You 6/25/2007
19. Left With 'Nada' 6/25/2007
20. Wishes And Dreams 6/25/2007
21. Like You 6/25/2007
22. I See You 6/26/2007
23. My Disease 4/13/2007
24. Deep Down Inside 4/18/2007
25. I'Ll Make A Wish, For You And Me... 9/7/2007
26. You Lose Your Routine... 4/13/2007
27. Do Something... 4/13/2007
28. My Pretty Green Eyes... 12/3/2006
29. Why? 4/19/2007
30. Hidden Away In The Darkness 4/19/2007
31. Me And You... 1/26/2007
32. If I Make It Through 12/15/2006
33. With You 7/18/2007

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Best Poem of Dean Simpson

With You

Another day is going by
Im thinking about you all the time
Ive written this letter in my head
Coz so many things were left unsaid

Together we broke all the rules
Together we dropped out of school
Never feel fear
I'll always be here

I close my eyes
All i see is you
I close my eyes
I cant forget you

I want to be with you
To make you laugh
I just cant get over you
I cant put me and you in the past.

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By My Side...

As i drift into a soft sleep
I am suddenly woken, by the softest of touches
Its you...

Your arms around me like the Vines to a Tree
I am the tree, hard, angry, dying...
You are the vine, gentle, calming, loving...

And as i roll over to hold you as you hold me too