Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal

Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India
Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal
Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India

Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Death Poems

Mournful Death Songs

Dark clouds appear on horizon,
Deems some layers cracked ozone
Awful scene and frightening noise,
Nature’s fury and destruction to poise,


Death is reality if not caused
Life is gone and paused
Heart is in grief and gripped with fear
Loose interest in life and pain you bear

Spare Us From Death

O death, be merciful
Our houses are full
There is no space to keep death bodies
We all mourn the death and weep among families

Death For Rape

Death for rape

Wednesday, March 14,2018
6: 47 AM

Death Caught Her

Death caught her in wrong way
She fell victim to terrorist attach in cruel way
She was two days old in real profession
It was sad end for a promising girl with a question

Death Spares None

Death spares none
Wednesday,21st August 2019

Death spares none

Life And Death Welcome

Life and death-welcome
Tuesday, November 19,2019
7: 38 AM

Death To Enemy

Death to enemy

And order for

Treasure After Death

After the death
Wednesday, January 23,2019

I remain simple

Decent Death

Decent death
Thursday,4th April 2019

Set the stage

Death May Cast

Death may cast
Monday, November 11,2019
7: 28 AM

Death Is Certainty

Death is certainty
Friday,30th July 2021

Death is inevitability

Death, Death

Death, death
Thursday,14th February 2019

Forty-two soldiers are martyred

O Death! Dear

O death!
Friday, November 2,2018
7: 24 AM

Death Is Rehearsal

Death is rehearsal
Wednesday,9th June 2021

It is a death rehearsal

Death Gears

Death gears

No regret
With sealing of fate

Dare Not Oh Death

Dare not oh death!
Monday, September 17,2018
8: 20 PM

Kiss Of Death

As you sow, so you reap"
Bear this advice in mind and keep
Nothing goes in waste
Even if bitter truth remains

One More Death

One more death in hospital for three months old
By a father with extreme limit, shame and turning cold
First burn on body all over and then striking head against wall
What we feel about this behavior from civilized world to be called?

Death-No Concern

Death-No concern
Monday,9th March 2020

Death of person is not matter of concern

Beggar's Death

No one cried over his demise
When his body was found at our premise
He might have tried to knock the door
But we were fast asleep in door

Rival's Death

Rival's death

When body shivers
And offers

Purity Before Death

Purity before death 
​​​​​​​Wednesday,19th September 2018

Each person has the duty

Death Must Come

Death must come
Tuesday,8th October 2019

Death must come early

Can We Cheat Death

Can we cheat death?

Think of immortality granted to human being
And immense powers to act like king

Nature's Death Cycle

Nature's death cycle
Friday,19th October 2018

Green and yellow leaves

Deep Death Valley

Deep death valley

The person knows about death
About short journey and stoppage of breathe

Slowly Towards Death

Diseases are curable
And person can remain stable
Some are really deadly
And leave us behind very sadly

Reality Is Death

I gave full thought
I gave full thought
Over any attempt
That may weaken me

Death Shall Make You Stare

Death shall make you stare
and the sky and not dare
about the life
if that remains torn with strife

O Death!

O death!
Friday, November 2,2018
7: 24 AM

With The Death

Listen to what others say
Finally think over the ways
Decide the course
And yield more of course

Final Death Kick

Final death kick

Take the case of any mother
She will sacrifice her life for no other

Death Bells

“Praises may lower the alertness” legend says
The person may feel happy and foolishly stay
He will have different sense of satisfaction
The wrong praise may fill different air with indication

A Death Gap

Death is stop gap arrangement between life and non life
It may not spare anybody including husband and wife
It is new beginning for another birth somewhere else
We think so much unnecessarily in this regard and remain tense

Slow Death

Slow death

Humanity has shamed
Still we claim

The Death Alone

I shall want
And do not
Wish to be slave
And nicely behave

Death With Honor

“Queen Padmini was like glass doll” legend says
The king was brave too and so called
They fought bravely against Mogul Emperor
As they were spreading kingdom with terror

Death Is Certain

Death is certain
So feel no pain
It is reality
With no exclusion possibility

Almost Burnt To Death

It almost burnt us to death
We were unable to take breath
Children cried to escape sun’s fury
The rays were falling steep causing injury

Upon Your Death

I may miss you forever
And shall forget never
You were tower of strength
And my strong faith

Death, Welcome

Death, welcome
Tuesday,3rd December 2019

Thousands bell ring

Death For Sure

Expect what is possible
Accept what is desirable
Life may swing into action
With solid foundation

The Death Is Certain

All of sudden, I fell down
As the ground stones were laid uneven
It was bang sound on ground
I was hit on face and blood spread around

Towards Death

Towards death

Nothing could threaten
As I experienced heaven

Poet Till Death

Poet till death

What reasons I should give for absence?
And ask for an apology to forgive

Awaits Death

I preferred to be quiet
Even though I was revolutionary poet
I was respected in close circle
As I always stood by them in struggle

Death Not Dreaded

Not dreaded

Friday, March 23,2018
1: 16 PM

Death Is Glory

Death is glory
Tuesday,7th January 2020

Death is glory

O, Death

O death, come and grip
We shall not weep
Miss you always but not skip
As you are there to pick

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