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Deidre L. Dixon is a poet, songwriter, artist, speaker and entrepreneur who uses the canvas of life for inspiration. She was born and raised in Gary, IN. She is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and a published author and songwriter. Through her writing, Deidre seeks to challenge, empower, encourage and inspire readers. She has one son, Brandon, a grandson, Carter, and lives in the Miller Beach area of Gary, Indiana.

Deidre Dixon Poems

My Daddy's So Funny

My daddy’s so funny; always making me laugh
But, he’s the best daddy anybody could have
Every time he comes around he has something funny to say
On days when I feel down daddy can always makes my day

She Was A Great Woman - Coretta Scott King

She was a woman of strength
She handled great responsibility as her husband fought for our freedom
She was a woman of vision
As she stood by her husband she could see what he saw and continue to stand

See Through My Eyes

Things are not as they appear
With danger close and darkness near
Change your perspective and truth will grow clear
Begin to See Through My Eyes

Do You Really Know Me?

Communication, interaction or an exchange of ideas
Are vital necessities for knowing what someone is really all about
To know their character, their weaknesses, their assets and their dreams
You must take the time to relate to them, to feel them and to hear their heart


A day of reflection for blessings bestowed
A day spent with family and friends both new and old
A day of feasting, fellowship and fun
A day to give thanks for all God has done

Deidre Dixon Quotes

27 May 2017

"If you don't say nothin', ain't nothin' you can say! "

08 May 2019

'Want to! '

08 May 2019

"If you've got something to say, make sure you're saying something! "

08 May 2019

"You're not washed up. You're what's up! "

08 May 2019

'Powerful positivity is pleasant! '

Deidre Dixon Comments

Lisa Clark 08 January 2010

Deidre, your new poem My Passion is excellent. I did not know you were this great! I am now in the process of reading your other poems. God is so awesome! It is a good feeling when you find your passion and know how to use it.Once you get an answer from God you will know for sure, but you have to have the faith. God Bless, your cousin Lisa

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