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My daddy’s so funny; always making me laugh
But, he’s the best daddy anybody could have
Every time he comes around he has something funny to say
On days when I feel down daddy can always makes my day

She was a woman of strength
She handled great responsibility as her husband fought for our freedom
She was a woman of vision
As she stood by her husband she could see what he saw and continue to stand

Things are not as they appear
With danger close and darkness near
Change your perspective and truth will grow clear
Begin to See Through My Eyes

I am not a shoe that you try to see if it fits

You see, you like, you buy and return if you made a miss

Communication, interaction or an exchange of ideas
Are vital necessities for knowing what someone is really all about
To know their character, their weaknesses, their assets and their dreams
You must take the time to relate to them, to feel them and to hear their heart

A day of reflection for blessings bestowed
A day spent with family and friends both new and old
A day of feasting, fellowship and fun
A day to give thanks for all God has done

Looked over at my sister and what did I see?
Someone fly
Someone strong
Looking back at me.

Does love have a color or is love just a beautiful thing?
Does it matter who's loving who as long as love is what's happening?

Why do we get angry when we see love between two races?

Where would we be without diversity
Something that includes not only them, but both you and me
We wouldn't have variety, or change or ethnic differences
We wouldn't be able to enjoy each other's accomplishments

It’s January in the year Two Thousand and Ten
Already tragedy has visited the world again

An earthquake reaching 7.0 on the Richter scale

Love my enemies, bless them that curse, do good to those who abhor
This is what the Bible says in the scripture Matthew 5: 44

Pray for them who despitefully use and persecute me is what is says, too

Created by a God as a woman to give birth,

Her value is immeasurable and there is no price for what she's worth.

Open your heart and let all the hurt out
Inside it's just sitting there
It's just causing pain and doubt

I love my mama`s apple pie
It`s got a lot more in it than meets the eye
It has love and joy all wrapped up inside
With the apples and the butter and the sugar and spice

Taken by God from the rib of a man
Hand crafted by the Almighty’s powerful hand
Fearfully and wonderfully made with a womb
With intricate curves in your body to make room

Say what? You want to marry me?
Well, I have a few questions for you.
And some food for thought, too.
Are you sure you're ready for me?

You say you want to be with me for life.
Well, I have a few questions for you and some food for thought, too.
Are you a wife?
According to the Word that's who I should be looking for.

Another Black, intelligent and promising young man,

Has been killed senselessly at a hateful cop's hand.

Worship is not just another song

It is not just another moment that you will long

You might think you can handle temptation on your own, but the enemy is constantly lurking around.

He is an organized strategist who only needs a foot-hole, and he'll come in and cause you to lose ground.

Deidre Dixon Biography

Deidre L. Dixon is a poet, songwriter, artist, speaker and entrepreneur who uses the canvas of life for inspiration. She was born and raised in Gary, IN. She is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and a published author and songwriter. Through her writing, Deidre seeks to challenge, empower, encourage and inspire readers. She has one son, two grandsons and lives in Gary, Indiana.)

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My Daddy's So Funny

My daddy’s so funny; always making me laugh
But, he’s the best daddy anybody could have
Every time he comes around he has something funny to say
On days when I feel down daddy can always makes my day

My daddy’s so funny even when he’s not trying to be
He has a way with words and gestures that always tickles me
He makes funny expressions, and he’s so witty too
He’s so funny he’ll make you forget you were feeling blue

My daddy’s so funny, but he is also sweet
He will do anything to help someone else; even get them off the street
You can find him givin’ change, or just standing up talkin’
To a person that most people would look at and just keep on walkin’

My daddy’s so funny, but he is such a good provider
He would do anything to take care of his family, even use the car like a taxi driver
I’ll never forget the time he got up at 5: 00 in the mornin’
He walked me all the way to my train stop, even though it was stormin’

My daddy’s so funny, but helped raise us girls so well
When my mama told us “no, ” we couldn’t run to him and tell
He taught us to be dainty and to act like ladies
He was always involved in our lives from the time that we were babies

My daddy’s so funny, but he takes good care of my mother
No matter how tough times would get, he always stood by her
He has been with her for more than 50 years
With her he has shared much marital bliss and many tears

My daddy’s so funny, but there is something you should know
He might laugh and joke a lot, but he takes life seriously though
His personality and the things he does are not for him to be seen
He just is who he is, and really loves people; from that we can all glean

My daddy’s so funny, when you ask him what he has to give
He’ll tell you in a minute, “I got mo’ cold cash than you got days to live! ”
My daddy is so funny, when I just think about him I laugh
I thank God for my daddy, one of the greatest gifts any girl could have.

Deidre Dixon Comments

Lisa Clark 08 January 2010

Deidre, your new poem My Passion is excellent. I did not know you were this great! I am now in the process of reading your other poems. God is so awesome! It is a good feeling when you find your passion and know how to use it.Once you get an answer from God you will know for sure, but you have to have the faith. God Bless, your cousin Lisa

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If you don't say nothin', ain't nothin' you can say!

'Want to! '

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Unforgiveness only holds the holder hostage.

Challenges are an avenue to innovation.

'When a man stops pointing, he manifests maturity.'

If the shoe fits, it fits whether you put on or not.

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