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I wish i was unique
Truly Truly unique

I wish i was the only Deja in the world

Warming smile
Loving eyes
Holding hands
And long goodbyes

Thy heart beats vigorously
When thought of thee blooms to mind
Butterflies, feeling sick, being anxious
Are all signs of everlasting love

Everyday my heart grows fonder
I look into your eyes and start to ponder
Everything that I am that I've become
Quickly dissolves and fades away

As summer blossoms
My life brightens up
As if i were in a fog
And its just now cleared up

Soft gentle skin
A toothless grin
Big blue eyes
A brand new life

As I lay in bed unable to rest my eyes glance out towards my windows ledge
Starring at the moons beautiful light knowing your tucked in your bed sleeping tight
Peaceful dreams of you and I bring such joy to me i start to cry
Not because im worried or sad but because my dear im so damn glad

unable to move
unable to breathe
unable to think
unable to speak

Walking around
Just another great day
people i pass say hi or hey!
i smile and i keep going my way

Before i go to bed every night
i think of you
and how you've changed my life

Cuddled in my blankets
The sound of rain lullaybying me to sleep
The moon's white light seaps through my tightly closed window creating shadows all around my room
My imagination

I'm slowly walking down the oceans sandy path
the moon is full
and casts an eerie light across the black water
the night is windy

The suns brilliant light shines down on my pale face
The winter wind nips at my little nose turning my cheeks a rosy red
the cloudless sky soo beautiful, yet deceiving
I’m all bundled up in my hat, my gloves, and scarf

Where were you when I took my first steps?
When I fell and cut my knee
I cried while you ignored me
Where were you on my first day of school?

Crushed and broken
Left with scars
We fight and tear ourselves apart
You push me hard I fall to the ground

It was late
I couldn't sleep
The moon lit night was seaping through my window seam
i quietly rolled over on my tummy

just another sip that's all i need
to take my mind away from reality
life has problems so why not drink them away?
wake up the next day

I feel so bad
What can i do
To comfort the pain
That i've caused you

I glance into your deep brown eyes
A smile cracks onto my lips
I can't resist the urge I have to lean in
For an amazing kiss

My mind still travels back to the days
When the warm ocean breeze would take my breath away
When the bon fires would be lit at night on the oceans shore 

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I'm 16 years old I love to write along with taking photography, singing, and playing guitar Writing is a way to express myself It helps me get things out better than Anything<3)

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I wish i was unique
Truly Truly unique

I wish i was the only Deja in the world
But sadly there are many
I wish that I only I would take beautiful pictures
But my talent is shared with plenty
I wish that I had purple eyes and not a single person else
I want to be known for something
something crazy something fresh
I wish that i could sing like no other
But millions of people do
I wish that I could swing as high
As any tree that stood
I wish I had my own language
That was easily understood
I wish I could own my own star in the sky
And name it something good
I wish i could control my dreams
And visit anywhere I pleased
I wish that I could complete a poem so touching and so sweet
But sadly my dear friends I must say
I need to get some sleep!

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