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Mind walks far
During the foxy postmeridian.
Hey farest goal,
Perhaps in search of you

My dream comes true with the speed of time.
Dream is my chum, but not time.
Time has no time to stand for me, rather it leaves me behind.
I whril within dream, shed pains in dream.


Making annotation of life is the demand of time.
Life is bound to the wheel of practicality.
Life bathes again and again in the life-river.
Wet life is dried with the heat of sun-trouble.

I walk alone
Along the passage
With pregnancy of shade
Golden moon smiles

White storks fly in the sky
With deep fascination.
Wild ducks get charmed
At the varied colour

Grief and glee run hand in hand
Outbursts of emotion sink in sorry sand
As saying goes
Knowledge is power

Let's be seated
On the cot of time,
Love it and utilise.
Life is the combination of time

Sense of self-realization
Discovers the universe.
Conscience without sense
Considers all farce.


None gives a look at the plight of the needy,
Pangs of hunger drive the poor here and there.
The destitute are bereft of having rights materialised.
The power-mongers throw toys of game for own interest.


Beseeching to fate
Indicates sluggishness
Sudden stoppage on the passage
Bears no good outcome


Blue worms of impulse
Eat up good sense in to to.

Moral mountain breaks down

My sleep breaks
By the sound of rain
I open my eyes soundlessly.
With wet feathers


River pays no heed
To the song of dropped leaves,
Rather, it runs at its own speed.
If obstructed in every turning


O pen
Holding you tightly
I continue committing to paper
I try to rest taciturn


Honorable nights all,
Strolling in your green fields
We seek our own oasis
Despite having known missing

Delwar Hossain Biography

Delwar Hossain is a contemporary bi-lingual poet in Bangladesh. He was born in a village Narayanpur, Pirgonj under Thakurgoan District to the north of Bangladesh. He is the first born among five brothers and one sister. He grew up in that village. He completed primary education from his village school, Secondary from pirgonj high school, higher secondary & graduation from pirgonj Govt. college. Later on he did M.A in English as a private Examinee from Dinajpur Govt. College under National University. He writes in different literary journals at home and abroad in both English and Bengali language. His published poetry books are 'MORN LIGHT (English) . ? SHOBDAW POTONGO (Bengali) , ? SHOBDOWHEEN JOL PROPAT (Bengali) . His two Sons - Sadik -Al -Amin (Ovi) and Abid- Al - Amin (Abid) At present He is working as an assistant head teacher at Dinajpur Municipal High School (Bangla School) . Dinajpur, Bangladesh.)

The Best Poem Of Delwar Hossain


Dark side of emotion

Dirts the human mind.

Bright side of emotion

Makes man good and kind.

The mortified get plunged

Into the depressed sea.

The sage with care sip

The cup of wisdom tea.

Man to survive, man to die

Life and death never do vie.

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Shadhin 25 February 2018

superb...! ! ! you are writing depicts reality of the society and human life..... i like the poem very much....

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Shaon.... 25 February 2018

supreb ....... u are writting...depicts...reality.....of the socity.....!

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Mahtab Bangalee 20 February 2019

Delwar Hossain- a beautiful ideal poet

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Nice sir for your write poem

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Prianka Roy 29 April 2018

Carry on Sir, all the best❤

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Nice and inspiring work. .......thank u very much

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Dr. D.C.Ray 10 March 2018

Great job sir .. Go on ... God bless you ..

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Delwar Hossain Quotes

Zero shouldn't be considered zero, zero can make one hero

Time is friend to none, it spares none

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Delwar Hossain Popularity

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