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1. When Ever There Are Problems 3/29/2009
2. Love 4/19/2009
3. I Love 4/26/2009
4. Sun 5/9/2009
5. My Life (What Life) 6/16/2009
6. The Little Girl I Wanted To Be 6/16/2009
7. Trust 6/16/2009
8. Face To Face 5/31/2009
9. Feeling 3/29/2009
10. Dont Let Me Down 5/2/2009
11. Used 4/19/2009
12. You And Me 4/1/2009
13. A Touch 3/29/2009
14. Darling Angel 4/1/2009
15. Beautifal 3/29/2009
16. Come To Reality Mother 4/18/2009
17. Magic 4/1/2009
18. Life Is Like A Pencil 4/28/2009
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Life Is Like A Pencil

people say life
is like a pencil
every time it breaks
or goes blunt
you have to sharpen
it agian and agian and agian

in life every time
you come to an end
or your heart gets broken
you have to start
agian and agian and agian
to reboost your self
in every way

some times it works
or sometimes
the led snaps in side the shell
and it just doesnt work! !

by demi buxton

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magic is in the music
magic is in the air
magic is all around us
magic are you there

magic is in the flower
magic is in the picture
magic is in the hour
magic are you there

magic here
magic there
magic every were

by demi buxton

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