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Poetry has been an outlet for her creativity since she was about 7 years old. She is the mother of three daughters and a grandmother. Florence Woods is currently a Strayer University student.

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Sorrow in my soul,
Deep like rivers and oceans,
My mind is locked inside itself,
And I've lost the key,
I've been searching
But it seems I've lost ME.
Life is the same old story for us all,
Just the participants
Are different,
My soul longs for freedom
Yet finds none in this lonely existence.
It seems I've overlooked reality,
And wonder how I missed it.
I've heard so many lies,
That I can't trust people.
I've seen too much tragedy,
And I have come to the conclusion that
All sins are equal.
Pain is who I have become
Never ceasing to be.
My soul is screaming,
Screaming to be free.

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Florence Woods Popularity

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