Denys E. W. Jones Poems

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The Worst Poem Ever Written

The worst poem ever written.
Well, what did you expect?
Strikes no chords, hits no buttons,
Just leaves you all perplexed.

The Language Of Love

The Language of Love is not taught in our schools.
Its grammar and lexis “too hard”,
“Too complex” its rules
For the average pupil to master.


Our progress through life is marked off by milestones.
The first is when we reach the age of ten –
We feel so much bigger having hit double figures.
The second’s when we turn thirteen –

Burberry Goes To China

In Wales there is a valley,
Which isn’t very green.
The hills are bare, wild flowers are rare,
Trees few and far between.

They Say All Men Are Brothers

They say all men are brothers.
They say all cows eat grass.

Against The Grain

I have gone with the flow,
I have swum with the tide,
Boarded block-booked trains,
Enjoyed the ride.

The Theft Outright

This land was theirs before this land was yours.
From Eastern Seaboard to the Western Shore.
Before the Pilgrims beached at Plymouth Rock,
The Redskinned Folk the Bering Strait had crossed.

The Pub Is The Hub

The Church, the Post Office, the Bank,
Alright, but the pub is the hub.

The Village Hall or Green, the car boot sale,

Love Is Not Love...

Life is long.
Love is strong.
Flesh is weak.
Love is deep.

Do You Think The World Will Notice?

Do you think the world will notice
When you are dead and gone?
Do you think the grass will cease to grow,
The birds give up their song?

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