They Say All Men Are Brothers Poem by Denys E. W. Jones

They Say All Men Are Brothers

Rating: 3.0

They say all men are brothers.
They say all cows eat grass.
They say all birds have feathers,
That all that is must pass.

All rivers flow into the sea.
All flowers fade and wilt.
And there’s no point in shedding tears
Whenever milk is spilt.

They say that all roads lead to Rome,
That good things come in threes.
That money does not on trees grow,
As any fool can see.

An old dog cannot learn new tricks.
A nice, new broom sweeps clean.
Who pays the piper calls the tune,
And what will be will be.

They say hope springs eternal,
That Winter precedes Spring.
And that it is not over
Until the Fat Dame sings.

The darkest hour, so it would seem,
Is right before the dawn.
A leopard cannot change its spots,
Pride comes before a fall…

Of all the claims I’ve heard put forth,
The one that makes least sense,
Is that all men are brothers,
For where’s the evidence?

Raymond Wright 11 October 2006

Wonderful. Truthful. Right on the money. I love it!

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Anoop Gururaj 11 October 2006

beautiful well written i enjoyed reading it..

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