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Born June 29,1982 in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, Africa, Earth, Milky Way, Universe.

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You Are The One

I was wrong
You were wrong
We kept hurting each other
Nobody won
We let pride get in the way
And I felt guilty
And sad everyday
Especially when you asked me
That day...
'What am I to you? '

So I wondered
And I pondered upon this question
I don't want to guess it
So I'm in a quest for it...

What are you to me? ...
You are to me
What a river is to the sea,
What a miracle is to belief
You're like the air
That I breathe
When I close my eyes
You're the vision I see
You are to me
What a queen is to a king...
You are love.

And like a dove,
Heaven must've sent you
From above
You're like my dissatisfaction
I can never get enough
You're the constant thought
That I'm thinking of
You're the one I run to
When I'm down & need a hug
You're the one I'm thinking of
When I think of love...
You're the constant nag!

You're to me
The one I want to slap
But I always hold back
And the promise that I've made
Has made sure of that...
You are my girl.

You're so much more
Than my girl
You make my happiness unfurl
I can't express it well with words
The more I try
It gets absurd...
You're always here.

You're the melody
Inside my ear
The perfect symphony
That I always hear
So when you're far away
You're always near
And when I'm sad
You are my cheer...
You are the one!

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Deo Inji Popularity

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