Devang Gandhi Poems

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The Age Before The Computer (Really Funny)

A server was a man with drinks
A Notebook was where you write
A click was done with fingers
And a reboot means you had a fight

You Dirty Perverts

It's your first time, you've never done this,
For him though, this is unbelievable bliss.
You put him off, trying to make an excuse,
He approaches you, it's to no use.

I Bought A Pet Tomato

I bought a pet tomato
and I tried to teach him tricks,
but he wasn't any good at
catching balls or fetching sticks.

The Oxymoron (Really Funny)

Oxymorons are 2 contradicting words,
Now tell me, isn't that absurd?

An example of this is virtual reality,

I'M Feeling Rather Full Tonight

I'm feeling rather full tonight.
I couldn't eat another bite.
I couldn't eat a half a bean,
or even taste a tangerine.

My Goldfish Took Up Tennis

My goldfish took up tennis.
They installed a little net
at the bottom of their fishtank
for their first official set.

The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

3,000,000,000 people in our world would say,
That they live on less than $2 a day.
No education means 1/3 of them can’t read,

My Headteacher Took My Walkman

My teacher took my walkman, he said they had a rule.
I couldn't bring it into class or even to the school.

He said he would return it, I'd have it back today.

A Race To The End

Why should we suffer from a racial point of view?
Sure we are different, me and you.
But why is there such a separation,
I think it’s just a case of severe exaggeration.

The Bits That No-One Tells You About War

Like a wheel chaired lady falling down,
Week, worn-out, slodging through the ground.
Men pushing each other, all in a kerfuffle,
The blazing sirens, now all muffled.

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