You Dirty Perverts Poem by Devang Gandhi

You Dirty Perverts

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It's your first time, you've never done this,
For him though, this is unbelievable bliss.
You put him off, trying to make an excuse,
He approaches you, it's to no use.

He asks if you're scared, you say no,
He's had lots of experience, he knows where to go.
His finger finds the right place, he probes deeply,
He's gentle as he said, so you moan feebly.

You open wider for him to get an easy entry,
He smiles coolly and says, 'You can trust me.'
You beg and plead for him to be quick,
But to cause no pain, he's slow and slick.

He presses closer, your tissue gives away,
You shudder coldly and your mind begins to sway.
You feel the slight trickle of blood begin to flow,
He asks if you want him to stop but you say 'no.'

Your eyes are filled with tears, he goes in and out,
You want to do something, just scream or shout.
Something bursts and he pulls it out of you,
It's all over, you feel happy too.

You lay there panting, glad it's over,
You tap your pocket, making sure you have your lucky clover.
It's been a good experience, hes smiles warmly,
You walk out the door, slowly but calmly.

It's the first time the dentist has pulled out your tooth,
After all, it was a bit loose.
What were you thinking, you disgusting men,
If you think other people are perveted, then think again.

Bri Edwards 13 February 2019

stanza 6: " lie" not " lay" but MANY people get those two verbs mixed up. & " hes smiles" ..." he smiles" #7: " perveted" U left out the " r" ..... :)))))))))) this is hilarious. and i got so turned on that i had to excuse myself (TWICE) before i finished reading it. to MyPoemList. bri (: you will be a BETTER funny poet with more proofreading.

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Preeti - is here! 05 September 2006

This is so witty, so well written. Lol, you got me with this one, and I acnnot stoplaughing! Hey You're a Gandhi...whoa whoa! Preets

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Mary-Elizabeth Conn 02 August 2006

I must say that i absolutely love this poem. It's really cleverly written and I like the style of it. Keep up the good work- i love this poem! smiling at you, :)

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