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The woman in the red dress
How I admire thee
How could one walk with such grace
And such beauty?


Why do I enjoy this feeling?
Is that really a question?

As we dream
We are forced to believe
That anything we wish
Can be conceived.

A young bird leaves the nest,
Searching for his calling.
A calling that has elluded him
While he has resided in his birthplace.

1 Kilogram of Corruption
1.2 grams of Hatred
3 grams of Government
231 milligrams of Nationalism

He sits there thinking,
Listening and watching
With eyes and ears
That learn more with each passing.

My mind feels empty
I must fill it with knowledge
For knowledge is key

I will meet my fate
As you will yours.
Our lives will wash away
On the earth’s forgotten shores.

We dare, travel into the darkness of despair?
Continue to try when our limbs grow bare.
This world we see is far from fair.
While they fell around me, it watched and stared.

So much grief lies under
Her cheery expressions.
I did not know of
The woes she had endured.

I can finally see my end…
Are those words a man should speak?
Should a man know the date of his demise
Or how his body would suffer?

Through the pen
I write words woven with precision.
Words that hold lesser meaning alone.

Today, my Brother
We fight together.
Show no fear as We
Take on the enemy.

A strong young woman sings,
Her voice so divine.
'May this song reach your heart.'

She proves to be so hard to break.
Her gaze is hard to get past.
I can not read her expressions.
Why must she wear this mask?

Am I strong enough?
Am I smart enough?
Am I fast enough?
Am I good enough?

Years it has been, since we have last met eyes.
Do you feel joy in seeing me once more?
I must admit that I've missed you as well.
May I pass some time within your presence?

I look through history,
At all of the greats.
I then sort them all
And read only of my race.

Devon McElveen Biography

I was born in Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk, Connecticut on April 3,1993. I started writing in 1st grade when my teacher gave us a writing assignment to see how well we wrote. Most people wrote nursery rhymes, but I wrote a short story of a crime that I had witnessed with my very eyes. My teacher had not seen such writing from a child of my age and I was soon transferred into accademically talented classes. I found that I was a gifted child who could write at the level of middle school pupils. As I grew older, my writing began to stregnthen and I began to write even deeper and leaned into the field of poetry Now, I am continuing to write as a practical way to relieve stress. Hopefully, my hobby will become something that I can pay bills with, and my name will be written into history as one of the best poets of my time. Also, my name, Devon, means poet (Celtic) .)

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The Woman In The Red Dress

The woman in the red dress
How I admire thee
How could one walk with such grace
And such beauty?
The woman in the red dress
Your comforting eyes
The beautiful color
Resembles the sunrise
The woman in the red dress
So young and youthful
A lie never leaves your lips
You are always truthful
The woman in the red dress
Your name, unknown
Your voice speaks with
The most beautiful of tone
The woman in the red dress
Why must you go?
Why don’t you stay
And allow our love to grow?

(May 2010)

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