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I was born in Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk, Connecticut on April 3,1993. I started writing in 1st grade when my teacher gave us a writing assignment to see how well we wrote. Most people wrote nursery rhymes, but I wrote a short story of a crime that I had witnessed with my very eyes. My teacher had not seen such writing from a child of my age an ...

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Why do I enjoy this feeling?
Is that really a question?

The Woman In The Red Dress

The woman in the red dress
How I admire thee
How could one walk with such grace
And such beauty?

Dreams, Langston Hughes Tribute

As we dream
We are forced to believe
That anything we wish
Can be conceived.

Recipe For War

1 Kilogram of Corruption
1.2 grams of Hatred
3 grams of Government
231 milligrams of Nationalism

Leaving The Nest

A young bird leaves the nest,
Searching for his calling.
A calling that has elluded him
While he has resided in his birthplace.

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