Dharmendra Yadav

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Dharmendra Yadav Poems

Three In One

Who told thee I'm one traveler,
I'm having three as unraveller.
That are my Mind, inner conscience and heart.
And several roads diverge in this sophisticated world.

Where Have Ye Gone?

*Where've ye gone? *
I hunt up thee through all over
Each mansions, resorts, and doors,
Garth, gully, groove, and dover,

True Love

In the pale moon light I meditate her
She finally comes I greet her
She showers drop of love I feel her
Every moment of her presence I love her


Sometimes I look for knife
Just to cut off my wrist,
Ruin this all before midlife,
Coz for me life is mist.

First And Last Glance

*First And Last Glance*
When I looked at her for the first time.
I lost in deep and deep thought
Oh then hypothetical stories I made in mind.

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