Dharthisha Naidu Naidu Poems

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You Are The Love Of My Life

Fate has brought us together, we will never be apart.
Our love is strong, it echo’s in my heart.
You make me smile when no one can
You take my hand and comfort me

A Blissful Life With You

Here i look at the stars
by a glance at your picture from time to time
a warm smile crosses my heart, with a thought of you…
How can I expect someone as wonderful, caring,

The Orphan

If only I could feel her touch, if only I could hear her voice,
If only I could see her smile just once, and hear her say I love you.
But fate played a fatal role in my life.
Scream in silence, no one hears my plea, I never show emotions,

I Want You And Only You

Staring into your sweet smiling face
A perfect dream soars through my mind.
A picture of two souls begin to bind
A feeling for you i cannot deny

A Feeling Of Pure Love

My heart is ignited by a sudden surge of electricity, a feeling so intense yet so beautiful...Shivers run down my spine, a sudden bolt of lightening rushing through my body.. This feeling oh so good, i close my eyes and see your picture printed on my heart, i try to sleep i see a dream you and i hand in hand walking the road of destiny...

when i am with you, nothing else really matters, i feel at that moment i totally belong to you, and i never want to disturb those moments

The Pain That I Carry In My Heart

I sit all alone, face cupped in my hand, tears roll down my eyes no one to wipe them away. No one to hold me, no one to say it will be all right. I have been nothing but a good and honest person, stood by you when you needed support, held your hand when no one would, nursed you when you were sick, never complained but just loved and loved you. What have I done wrong, where did I go wrong, help make me understand..

You did things that were beyond my imagination, things that I was scared of. You treated me like someone, someone I wasn’t. I was my own self but you never seemed to care.

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