The Orphan Poem by Dharthisha Naidu Naidu

The Orphan

If only I could feel her touch, if only I could hear her voice,
If only I could see her smile just once, and hear her say I love you.
But fate played a fatal role in my life.
Scream in silence, no one hears my plea, I never show emotions,
I want to be loved, I want to be understood, want to be given a chance.
I hide under my low drawn hood, My mind in confusion,
my thoughts disarray my emotions in tatters yet I hide all.

I am an Orphan, desperate to find a way out of this trap
it’s an everlasting ocean of heartache and cries,
I am pleading for help but no one can hear me.
I am reaching out for solid grounds something to hold onto.
There is emptiness inside of me and all around me Solitude,
I am alone, I am an Orphan.
Open wounds deep in my heart bleeding,
crying torn apart lonely an helpless and all confused as to why I am so unwanted,
been shifted from home to home,
never one to hold me and tell me I love you,
crying tears of aggravation I call out in desperation,
my broken wings I lay on the ground, wings which was once used now of no use.
Now scars of mourning cuts at my soul,
I will never be healed,
I will never be whole, crying out hopeful wanting to be heard,
tired of just existing a thing that once occurred,
and so I cry and turn and moan Reality strikes again I am alone I am an Orphan..

James Mclain 06 May 2014

Loved it dear, keep penning your heart all can hear....iip

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Susan Lacovara 06 May 2014

You have given a strong voice to the silent suffering. I cannot imagine the torment of not feeling your self worth. Be strong and become the very best YOU that you can be. There will be love, but to love yourself and grow....that will serve as the finest starting point. You 're not alone, nor unwanted...we are here and want to hear more from you. PEACE

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