The Pain That I Carry In My Heart Poem by Dharthisha Naidu Naidu

The Pain That I Carry In My Heart

I sit all alone, face cupped in my hand, tears roll down my eyes no one to wipe them away. No one to hold me, no one to say it will be all right. I have been nothing but a good and honest person, stood by you when you needed support, held your hand when no one would, nursed you when you were sick, never complained but just loved and loved you. What have I done wrong, where did I go wrong, help make me understand..

You did things that were beyond my imagination, things that I was scared of. You treated me like someone, someone I wasn’t. I was my own self but you never seemed to care.

The blows , strikes, the pain, thinking I will never survive and you never cared, but even then I healed, and the pain disappeared. Trapped and alone, desperate to be free why was this sentence given to me. I was afraid to sleep, to afraid to dream. My mind lost control pushing to the extreme.…

Day in and day out, my heart swoops down like an eagle from the sky and doesn't stop until it touches the ground.. My mind trapped in thoughts with fear, someday somehow I would be that eagle. I will have Liberty at last No chains to hold me back, I will be free from all existence and my mind will speak True words and a Soul determined to dream, will be my new found path and there will be no more injury to my heart.

Ramesh Rai 27 October 2014

Beautiful and soulful. keep writing

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