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A good marriage is made of equal respect
And the ability to communicate
You have to be able to talk to each other
You have to be able to relate

It's hard to find a friendship that is truly real
Sometimes it's hard to trust
Never give up on making new friends
Friends are like family, and family is a must.

People ask me all the time
why I write so much
I keep a pen and paper with me
in case I get ideas and such

Take me away from all the things that worry me
Show me the calm cool waters
And shine the sun upon me.
Let me feel the freedom of the river

Precious moments, today they begin
Together you will stay till the very end.
Through love, pain, glory and sadness
May your day's always end with joy and gladness.

Kisses are an expression of love
between a woman and a man
It's a way of saying hello, and I love you
And I give kisses as often as I can

I have so many people to thank in my life
My god, where should I start?
Well I thank my parents for giving me life
And in that I believe god had a part.

We are all given choices in life
And some may not approve of the path of choices we take.
But it's you life, and your choice
It's a decision only you can make.

I want to break away from all the hatred
And away from all the violence.
I'll drive as many miles as it takes to find
A place with nothing but silents.

Memories are sometimes the only thing a person has
Because sometime in our life, we all lose someone we love.
And sometimes a memory is all a loved one has to leave us
When their time comes.

It's October and Halloween is near
Little kids all done up for Trick or Treat.
Going neighborhood to neighborhood, door to door
Hoping they get the most goodies to eat.

I know your heart is aching, and
you don't understand why I had to die
And it's hard for you to cope with this
But Ma Ma please don't cry.

In every family there is tradition
for special times in their life.
In mine that special time was the
day you made me your wife.

Oh yes, this is the life
A life filled with love
No it isn't money that makes
me so wealthy, it's the man up above.

We would like to express our welcome to you,
Rachael, Paige, Bailey and Tim.
We'd also like to let our son know,
just how proud we are of him.

I'd like to wish you all Season's Greeting's
And let you know you are in our thoughts
I hope your Turkey's juicy, and your stuffings moist
And remind you to thank god for what you've got.

I know I am far from perfect
And I never claim to be
Don't judge someone that you don't know
First you should get to know me.


A whisper in the night
The wind blowing

Katrina, you have ripped the hearts
from so many chests.
It won't be easy to repair those hearts
But they are strong, and we will do our best.

A quiet night, just me and my man
relaxing together, nothing more
When suddenly I hear a terrifying scream
coming from the apartment next door.

Dianna Nally Biography

I was born in Bakersfield California in 1954 to Mr.& Mrs Dave Martin. I am the 6th of 8 children. Although my youngest brother passes at the age of 8wks. We were a simple family. Mom and dad always worked. I use to spend my time writing in a secret book I kept under my things in my closet. I don't think anyone knew it was there. I graduated high school in 1972 from Van Nuys High School in Van Nuys CA. I met my husband on Van Nuys Blvd. We were married in 1975, and have 3 wonderful adult children who have blessed us with 3 beautiful grand children. I have been writing seriously for 30 yrs. Writing was always a form of home therapy for me. I hope someday to write a poetry book and title it ' A Life Full of Experiences.' Everything I write usually has to do with myself, or someone close to me. Everything I write comes from my heart and soul. That is where reality lives.)

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A Good Marriage

A good marriage is made of equal respect
And the ability to communicate
You have to be able to talk to each other
You have to be able to relate

You have to show each other every day
How much in love you are
It takes two people to make it work
Together, not from afar

Some say you don't have to work on a marriage
Marriages work out on their own
Those are the people who live in denial
And usually end up alone

And don't forget we all have our faults
stay strong and feed off each others strength
Worry about being happy in your marriage
And less about it's length

All I can tell you is what works for us
And it's been working for over 30 years
We've shared love, respect and a wonderful friendship
And we have even shared a few tears

I wouldn't trade marriage for all the money in the world
I would never trade the man that I love
We are an example of what real soul mates are
And our marriage was blessed from God above


by Dianna Nally

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