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I look into your eyes
and I fall more inlove
then I have ever been

Im proud to be me!
I never want to change.
Dont want to change for him.
Im not gonna change at all.

My heart hurts
My bodys full of pain
And all you do is sit.
Sit there and watch me suffer.


Look a the hole
the hole you put in my heart.
Look at the tears
the tears that roll down my cheek.

I am all alone
sitting here in the dark
wondering why
why am I all alone

my heart
you have scarred

It's hard for me to breathe
It's hard for me to smile
But Baby for you
I would do anything


Im sorry for the way I am.
Sorry for still loving you.
Sorry your always on my mind.
Im sorry I fell in-love with you.

Writing peoms...
That's how I express myself...
When I'm angry...
Whim I'm sad...

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I'm young but I love writing! ! When I write songs and poems I feel complete and that i'm not in the same world as every one else! ! ! I feel free and like I could do anything. I feel like no one could tell me what to do when i am writing! ! ! ! ! ! ! I take my anger out with my writing so you know when im writing im either sad or royally ticked off! ! ! !)

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*unreal Love*

I look into your eyes
and I fall more inlove
then I have ever been
You look into my eyes
and you fall inlove with
me even more.
I say that I love you
and you say it back to me.
But now I ask myself
if you really meant it.
I ask myself if our
Love was and is Real.
If you were using me
to get another girl.
Turns out you really
were and I never thought
I could forgive you.
But instead I keep crawling back
to you just to get hurt again
and again. Because.........
Im so stupid, and
Im so inlove
I need to find
someone else to love me better.
Better then you
ever have or will....
I need to be stronger
and I need to be smarter.
Our love was and is Unreal love.
Unreal love is the worst kind of love
toooo ever have.
Baby was it true.
Were you to use me!
I want to know so I can forget you.
I need to know so it's nto constintly on my mind.
Ooh baby please! please tell me.
Did you really love me
or were you lying to me
I know the answers
I just want to hear them from you.
Ooooo Baby baby. Why?
Why did you have to make me fall inlove with you?
Why did you?
When you knew it was unreal?
You knew it but yet you did it anyways.
I thought you were different.
I thought I would love you without getting hurt
But nooo. Again I was wrong.
Wrong just like unreal love.
I think about you everyday.
And I wonder why my heart
still cares about you.
Even though you gave me unreal love.
Ohh Ohh Ohh Im try to get over you
but everytime I try it hurts to think
that your really gone.
That you really used me.
That you broke my heart.
That you can make me cry.
And you don't care.
You don't care at all....

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