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Is this the place to find time
To write empty words
In a room full of shine
Could I have lacked words

Up the sun goes
His rays beg for acceptance
Her breath welcomes you
Her eyes the sun reaches not the toes

Meaning makes the difference between similar words
Tense distinguishes the same verbs
Outcome is the difference before two ways
Decisions stand before happy and sad

At the rhythm of one song
Two voices sing
Two different tunes to a unique heart
Two birds chirp and announce two different outcomes

The one you usually think of last
The one you ask to prove His worth to you all the time
The one that you want demonstrations out of always
The one you would believe in when the end shows evidence

Between my heart and mind

There she lives
And ignite my senses, she does so by the thought of her

How to write about a beautiful piece of God’s writing
I mean what is there to edit?
Did God leave room for improvement
Oh I see, he did leave some for comment

Whether by cries of wheels
Or by smoke of gun
My transportation be
Peter is the name I wish I greet

When the world looks at me, I point to you
When the world whispers encouraging words, I point to you
For I am an empty vessel that you have filled up
For I am a tool in your hands

What does life and juggling have that economics 101 doesn't have?

In life like in juggling,
You can never say 'all things being equal...'

To God insomnia
To the shepherd the rod
To his angel the camping
To his kids the reigning

A man's hand can be obtained without their heart.
You may have their word but not their commitment You may obtain their favour without their blessing...

When you commit to a path, makes sure you bring God, courage and self motivation...

With which man resides sight beyond flesh?
That you trick them with shaping their tomorrow

Remember when bridges served to stitch people together.
Remember when Cupid`s arrow used to bind.
Remember when the glass was half full.
Remember when I saw you and all this became true.


Just like fresh hope
You have changed my life
Just like weather
From sun to rain

Melting away from all earthly sentiments
Leaning onto promises that seem as abstract as the smoke
That once came out of the flame of a dying passion.

If Hell be dark, try Without Her

Here I am sailing in he dark
Here I am, anchored to your heart

When I fail to will
The clock fails not to tick
When I fail to will
Outcome goes not astray

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My writing started at a very early age. I found myself very much interested in writing more than just speaking. From primary school i would always take part in plays, drama etc literature attracted me even more when i moved from a French to an english speaking country and i met Mr Shakespeare in High school..... Before it was an instrument that i used to take out frustrations, express myself But mmore than that writing became a tool of happiness, a tool that i would use to describe, to admire, to honor, to praise with, to think, to examine, to question...)

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Empty And Filled

Is this the place to find time
To write empty words
In a room full of shine
Could I have lacked words
To address you
Had I paid attention to the song
That cried “Let your glory come back”

Strange languages are spoken
In this house I called my sanctuary
What hath they that I contain not
Bowing down they find reasons to
Scream they do loud
I still find time to write

Praise your name I forgot the heaviness of
Emptiness too heavy and wide to allow other

Intense praise give tears to orphans
Strange laughter in lips of hope
How could it be
That I just look
And know not how to play part
In the sight of my family

I been there before
The way to you I have learnt
I remember not how
The same vessel you once filled
Know you how to anymore?

So empty I am
Nothing except the scheduled
And Light A-B-C birds slogan in the morning
That I still find time to write

His praise much higher than echo of chirp
His sound swifter than melody of song than sadden
His beauty artificial dare not clone
His limits fiction imagine not

I still find time to write
Nothing I would before
I still find time to write
Observe and wonder
I still find time to write
Watch and stare
I still find time to write
Hear and not listen
I still find time to write
Look and not see
I still find time to write
Exist and not Be
I still find time to write
Smile and not love

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