Didier Sixte Kahungu
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That Someone

The one you usually think of last
The one you ask to prove His worth to you all the time
The one that you want demonstrations out of always
The one you would believe in when the end shows evidence
The one that has no worth in times of wealth
The one that occupies no thought in times in health
The one that you need
The one whose ways you hardly want
The one that holds on to you
The one whose hands you only want to receive from
The one whose feet were wounded while walking to you
The one that pours rivers for your every tear
The one that knows no sleep
For you

The one whose existence you doubt everytime
The one whose hand seems so invisible
The one whose impact is unavoidable
The someone that knows you
The someone that created you
The one, the someone, that special someone

Tolerance allows me not to say the name
The one the heart is full of
The one need and want argue over
Sense and science contradict
Conclude that a higher being exist
The one whose name intelligence wont spell
The one whose ways wisdom cant teach
The one whose greatness, limited men comprehend not

Foolishness it is to believe in him
When I plant I reap
When I read I succeed
When I sweat I eat
When I do I have
Because I am I will be
Because I have I wont lack
So says Logic
So says the law of nature
So it was made, man would say
Contradictory it is, the thought of man
Craziness it is to attribute success to Him
Stupidity it is to think of Him as the author

Explained is everything to man
Understandable is everything to man
Of course! Man says

Who wrote the law of nature?
Who told the plant to start from seed?
Who gave the seed?
Who told sun to rise?
Who rises and never sees sun?
Who made?
Who said?
Who in the beginning was?
Who is?
Who will be?
He is
That someone
Will he not?
Is it not He that allowed?

That someone
You doubt him
None of His ways can be grasped
By the ways taught to man
He is air
We all say
But air has weight!
Oh, he made it
Maths knows it not
Physics has no theory for it
Chemistry ignore it
But man is taught only that

When His embassy fails
Failure is His name
When success knocks, Maths can explain
When above man` s intelligence He works
Luck is accused
When chemistry cant explain
The “man up there” is his name
Jesus is the right name, You fool!
Jesus is that someone
Bold it is to say this
Risky it is to think it
But He hasn’t proved wrong what He said
Until He does, He will be that someone to me.
Egi David Perdana 15 September 2008
the one is you pal keep writting
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Ahmad Shiddiqi 11 September 2008
no lip service! no fear! very brave! keep writing!
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Sathyanarayana M V S 10 September 2008
No one can prove God. Nor anyone can disprove God. God is perceived differently by different people...as Tagore said 'God is there where the tiller is tilling the hard ground and where the pathmaker is breaking the stones. He is with them in Sun and shower and His garments covered with dust.'
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