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In the age of Homo-Economicus,
Became the body,
The prime commodity,
With risings of poverty,

Creme upon sheets of satin
Lacings of luxuriance bathe my being
The coolness of the morning air
Resting on skin as a gentle hand unseen

A body of breeze...
The harmony of melody...
I soothe to a jazzy track 'Fullmoon'.

Bombay sweets and Strawberry tea
A celebration to both taste and see
The smoke that unfurls is a song of relief
Wrapped in respite although a moment brief

In the comfortable daze of half-sleep
I lay with you
Your nape a bed-couch
For my eyelids

Figures half covered
A new dimension unveils
Sitting motionless for a certainty
Neither the Day nor the Night claims the moment.

Did Bolden come out of Slaughter?
Or did the butcher get him?
Made into meat patties
To fill the space between the sliced bread buns

Do Swans smile? ...

Serenity the note of their bodies' flow

Upon the harmony and stillness of Swan lake
You moved as a sublime light,
A jewel begotten of the moon that laced with
the mirror of water that was your secret Siecha.

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I am a graduate in English from the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka. My schooling was at Wesley College Colombo (left in 2002) where i was inloved in a host of extra-curricular activites which included being part of the Shakespeare drama troupe from 1998-2000. From 2005 (Jan) -2008 (August) I worked as a TV presenter, being the (male) host of 'Bonsoir' which is Sri Lanka's oldest running cultural TV show. And since 2008 I have been writing articles to the newspaper The Ceylon Daily News, on the lines of literary commentary and analysis. Two of the most influential modern authors I have come across are Milan Kundera and Michael Ondaatje. My BA dissertation was a study of Ondaatje's lyricism in novels. I am not as yet a published writer, which I guess does not make me an author (yet) !)

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Homo (Trans) Formations

In the age of Homo-Economicus,
Became the body,
The prime commodity,
With risings of poverty,
And ideals of ending disparity...

And thus the commoditized,
Homo-Economicus paves the way,
For Homo-Commoditus,
Who, wrapped in the mythology of equality
Idealistically toils for an era of

And it is all parceled in the belief of the age,
Which he wears upon him to bear the label...

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Dilshan Boange Popularity

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