Somnium Olor Poem by Dilshan Boange

Somnium Olor

Upon the harmony and stillness of Swan lake
You moved as a sublime light,
A jewel begotten of the moon that laced with
the mirror of water that was your secret Siecha.

And I a dresser in the soundless robes of night,
Stood bestilled of pulse and heart
With breath as the only speech of my soul.

Child of Phoebe's celestial glow,
Taken to form of earthly truth

Serene being of light and beauty,
Be thee the Eve of your kind?
Are you descend from Asgard,
Having sipped the holy waters of the well of Urd,
That coloured you in thine heavenly white.

Surely you are an unsung daughter begotten to Leda
Of the same that birthed the maiden,
Whose face did launch a thousand ships.
But thy name the poets were not to know,
For yours was the face that your father's true favour fell upon,
Gifted to rise divine and beyond all mortal sight.

Were the skies above Delos abloom in white,
As you led the flights of celebration.
With songful psalm did you bless the moment,
that birthed the god of healing.

In gentle words of a kindred spirit
Did you comfort the Children of Lir?
Were you to them a friend and sister
Whose kindness touched them dear
As they wandered in flight over lands of legend
For an age of nine hundred year.

Gentle being of poetic flow
Thou art a maiden divine
Erato's grace would fade as mist
Before thy chasteness sublime

Maiden of light inhabiting the night
Are you a Princess Odett of new time?

Eons unbound you traversed with retinue
Called for by one as you majestic kind,
But solitary you have flown into a sanctified night,
To rest in stillness of solitude
Does your soul seek a sense of solace
Which the ages past gave not.

Are you bound in a spell of cruel sorcery
Of which you could not speak,
In thy countless silent wanderings
Do you your own Siegfried seek?

May I maiden serene,
Enter the aura of your whiteness
That doth glow a moon above the waters
you rest upon.
Would my formless body of air ripple thy
mirror of meditation.

May my nakedness be touched by thy
celestial glow
And upon me form finery of a skin akin to thine
I will join thee then fair one in thy ritual of
Silence and form
As a soul endearing to whisper solace
To dispel your heart's storm

Let me gaze into your soft eyes,
for preciously thy soul I shall tenderly hold
As our spirits blend and rest upon the other
Our journeys will fade, destiny will unfold.

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