Doctor Crazy Poems

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Her Beauty

As the night sky celebrates the flare of the full moon
And lake water becomes a guest of this radiant lune
The star that lay beside, glitters in her utmost beauty
And the observer is taken into a trance-like swoon

In My Mind

Many have done so and many will try
To praise the unmatched beauty of the sky
But all will fall down in utter disgrace
For her beauty surrounds this entire place

True Love

When he has spent his whole life in her name,
And he has loved her so much, made her his true love,
And he remembers her in his sleep, in longing dreams
Only then, in each heartbeat is her name chanted.

Say It

O my loved one,
Please tell me that which I crave to hear,
Even if is a dagger in the heart my dear,
I need to hear you say it

Your Soulful Face

I longer see your soulful face,
That illuminated the entirety of this place,
Should I be the cause of this,
Then by God, I at am at utter disgrace

Her Ore

As the sun began to breach the surface of the land, spanning it's rays, we sat.
We sat gazing into each others spirits and souls. emitting this effervescent glow.
The light cuddling the horizon slowly, making it's appearance known to the day.
Oh, how she looked, her skin soft and her eyes bright.

Your Eyes

Oh the beauty of your eyes, your eyes...

Within my every memory, lives the sight of your glance
With every moment that passes, I'm in your trance

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