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My Emily Dickson Encomium

SiR: the context is in the tone...
this train has that... a big... mEATy... ENGINE...
a 'fierce-throated beauty! ' and that can pull through
mordant trials, up tracks that contend sacred cast, and

Piquant Moon?

Oh the moon in its invidious
state of affair as I grapple
with my slumber's adamant bee-
queathal, and, as it stings

Okcupid: Response To... No Response

You're into ...
Cognitive Science?

Dear soul:

Marry Christmas

I drove to the mall today,
the only place to buy
razor blades, and contended
with a heap of madness.

A Merry Exit

The Xmas clan,
a shrinking contingent
of Santa's friends,
contended for singular status,

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