Poverty Poem by Dona Jean


A dwelling place no where to escape,
No love arise but corruption and hate.
The shadow of injustice, hunger and crime;
Then unemployment every individual mime.
Get out in this prison were loosing time,
To dance with tune of life in rhyme.

Curse chain of poverty evil works;
Indigent, beggars, street people spread in outskirts.
Living in poverty many grieve and frustrate;
To be born rich or poor is God's plan and fate,
But to eradicate this poverty not too late.
Overcome this challenge since world outdate.

Tears running in poor child's eyes,
Once innocent now learn how to despise;
How poverty affect child's dream.
Commit crime to feed empty stomach they scream!
Will fall easily if stand at the tip of the beam,
Unfortunate and illiterate had hope but very slim.

How could authority take part their share?
Take nations money in the end no one their.
Cause of selfishness blind, cannot feel care;
Injustice arise, money runs is that fair?
Scare of necessities in government we dare,
We shout aloud to open those ears and be aware.

Unfailing war never stop or cease,
Population growth rapidly a year increase.
Accident, death rate never decrease;
Necessary goods and education has expensive fees.
How hard life, we Filipino are happy to say cheese!
Life must go on how difficult this terminal disease.

In poverty no one choose or omit,
An individual break the cycle it shouldn't repeat.
Study hard to reach success not compete;
A word poverty in vocabulary cannot delete,
Draw a path as wide of sixth lane street.
Bright future ahead against poverty we submit.

Be wise enough to spend money,
Find a job whose time eight of worthy;
Already blessed to tame this poverty.
Others share blessings that are wealthy,
Money can't give happiness or glory
Helping others will make you happy.

Dona Jean

Dona Jean

Silay City, Negros occidental
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