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Sitting at the waters edge
Under a moon lit sky
I find my safe place to cry

She returns again, looking for the sea,
looking, waiting, ever so patiently,
the tide of love slowly roles in,
with all its beauty and its sin.

Underneath the apple tree
In the cemetery
Amongst the stones an the souls

In the corner of my room
Curled up with my chin on my knees
I think about those days in the trees

Its not broken, shattered,
Fractured or ripped apart
Just sprained and bruised
My bleeding heart

Hidden behind closed doors
Protected by federal laws
Vile mankind is at work

You know the other night,
after we had that big fight,
an I had drank way too much wine.

Whenever it comes to your birthday,
I remember you walking away,
No loving kiss goodbye,
Or an explanation why,

In the morning, I comb my hair
And I imagine you standing there
And I say these simple little words

Every Sunday night my sister gives me a call
She talks for hours and hours
About nothing at all

I jolt, as a buzzing bee,
Who really isn’t interested in me
Flies rather awkwardly by

Does it look like I love you? ,
My case is packed, an I got a smile on my face,
The cab is nearly here, an I'm out the door.
I said 'I loathe you'..not ' I love you'

I was once a seagull
never able to sing a beautiful song
only screams and solitary cries.
Following the great ship of my dreams

I’m dancing the stage
Kelly’s in her cage
And Christy’s doing the pole

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Hi There, my names Donna, I live in NOLA USA. I'm a dancer on Bourbon Street. All my poems are about me, an are wrote about events in my life. I love poems, so If you wanna share them with me, then just contact an I'll have a read...All my love to you all, especially the lonely.)

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A Safe Place To Cry

Sitting at the waters edge
Under a moon lit sky
I find my safe place to cry

Alone at the waters edge
With nothing but shattered dreams
My tear drops fall and join the streams

On my own at the waters edge
I expel all my emotions
My tears drops fall and flow into the oceans

At the waters edge
I shake and quiver
No more tear drops join the river

At my waters edge
With the sunrise, a smile appears
No more pain, no more tears

Find your own waters edge
Your own safe place to cry
And wave your sorrows goodbye

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