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dont really have one yet. I have loved writing poetry and stories since i was a child and my Dad believes that i may have an OCD disorder which means that i have to compulsively write, i would love to know what this is called. (i believe that he is joking however)

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She Stole Me

She stole me, my identity
My personality
What I live for, What I breath for,
What I'd fight for, what I'd die for.

Don'T Come Around Anymore

Goodbye, farewell
I don't wanna see you around anymore
Don't come knockin' on my door
Coz i won't answer it to you


I won't cut my wrists
to change your fake love
But i will black my eyes
and harden my heart


My jealousy controls my life
It only causes me conflict
Maybe i should relax a little
But its hard

Loves Deception

Giggling & Blushing
It's like a school girls first crush.
Smiling & Singing
Happy in loves first flush.

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Carl Mehmet 21 December 2006

Nice idea! I understand what you mean and guess the title is in reference to your inner balance, your equilibrium in life and self? I sense a dis-equilibrium which in terms of universal laws is balance anyway. You're a young freeradical.. go deeper, afterall without the freeradical evolution and progress wouldn't exist, open up, look ahead and don't hold back.

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