Change Poem by Donna Hendra


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I live in a world filled with hate,
I live in a world filled with pain.
I hate this world i live in!
I feel pain in this world i live in.
I need to change this feeling, this cycle,
This cycle needs to change this feeling.
Instead of one man, a King,
Lording over a naive girl.
I need to take control. I need to keep it in,
And stop the cycle again.
It happened before and i was happy but then,
Bad things happen, on thing can be good.
But bad things happen,
They happen to me.
I am not a pessimist.
They happen to me,
Bad things happen.
Life used to be so bad, i mourned for someone,
Someone who still lived and didn't mourn me.
I dealt with the pain of a gift returned,
I dealt with it because he was here for me.
This man who looks after me,
He loves me.
He loves me.
He loves me.
I love him.
I need him.
I love him.
The one who rescued me,
The one who helped me change.

I live in a world filled with love,
I live in a world filled with happiness.
I love this world i live in.
I am happy!

Carl Mehmet 30 January 2008

I think the world is filled with more hate than love reflecting through those who are more sensitive. I would say it is a gift and a curse, or somewhere in the middle. Maybe it's a perfect balance of raw emotions that bring the right changes for the right reasons? I like your poem. Take care and thank you.

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Donna Hendra

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