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Mom, I miss your smiling face,
Your loving voice and embrace,
You are considerate and kind,
You're everyday in my mind

Dear mom, it's you I do miss,
I send you a hug and a kiss,
You give me your tender love,
Which comes from God above

I can't never thank you enough,
For all the love you've shown me,
Grateful for all the things,
Through the years you've giving me

Dear mom, I miss your loving face,
No other love can ever take your place!

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My love, I see you, right here!
What more can be so sweet?
In your eyes I see the stars.
You make quicker, my heart beat!

Together we walk the miles,
With you, no longer, I feel alone,
Now the sun in the morn greets
Me, and since I met you has shone

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