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process is primary
asserted whitehead: *

evolution a certainty

and what, after all,
was so wrong
with simple rhyme

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: Royalty
through and through and through;
blue blood thoroughbred; 25-K golden Bough
of the Mystic Tree of Tea Tephi

my grandfather
on father's side

came from edinburgh.

born of lotus

christ what a way!

i turned my eye toward the future
and watched as lemurians returned.
stars guided sea. the weather
grew tempest. heavenly calm burned.

winter attacked in legion today.

parachuting flakes launched

what i want to do is
spin poetry center stage
set humanities focus

the billionaire banker
in his glass domed

office tower

old masters were the winners -
the shining ones. golden

suns snow white bright,

i grow old and weary weak and dim
dull and vulgar: so

when will i see you again?

one cube of ice

so you sent off some rockets-
to the moon, no less-

starting in 69,

a factory in prague
produces free energy.

consortia in brazil


when we surrender we die.

life lifts outstretched arms and we,
poor adams, uncomprehending

when stock market reports feature
cairo, sao paulo, bangalore,

i'll know the world is better,

the tempered mastery which like a wheel,
all things centered round revolving axis,
permits the freedom to all emotions feel,
in bondage to none, is crown of life's race!

our love will be in eclipse
when lights in heaven go out
and the moon from sky drops
and lions from lambs sprout.

who comes by this way
whether it be from fields of history
law medicine philosophy or physics
must renounce all understanding of self

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Profession: A sort of futurist with a slow watch Education: None. I have Alzheimer's I am canadian. When I was 5 my next door neighbor, and best friend, hit me in the forehead with a big rock. He went on to become rich and powerful. I never recovered from the concussion. Since I grew up before canadians wore hockey helmets no one noticed I was nuts. I was married once. My divorce settlement was a string of zeroes. Obviously, my ex had no concussion and a better lawyer. She still owns a huge life insurance policy on me. Her beneficiary payout bonanza on my demise is worth considerably more than my miserable life. I am a " climate denier." I live in Vancouver.3 years ago, climate deniers lived under threat of public hanging in Vancouver. That was before they came to power. Now they control all of Canada. I live 20 minutes away from Dr. David Suzuki, the intellectual powerhouse of the world green movement. I call him The Suzuki because I think the fruit fly changed him more than the reverse. I'd drill a hole through my grandma's coffin if there was oil under it. My current neighbors know I'm crazy and are afraid of me. Last year they arranged for a police van to escort me to the local hospital for psychiatric evaluation. It took me 3 weeks to convince them I was incurable so they discharged me. Why am I still living here? I told you. My best friend gave me a concussion and my neighbors, Canada, and my ex all want me dead. Finally, since I had no friends, my dad gave me a chihuahua when I was four. He got run over by a semi....a week later. Now it's time for I, the underdog victim, to clutch at your rapidly receding sympathy for, as a now near bankrupt Woody Allen knew, " I'd rather be rich than poor, if only for financial reasons." Did you forget to bring your credit card... already?)

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What Do I Do?

process is primary
asserted whitehead: *

evolution a certainty
say smart quacks.

but i'm in a bit
of an existential bind

right now for you see
my fate is to die

and the only question is -
what do i do?

* Alfred North Whitehead [1861 - 1947]

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Nadeen Khalifa 16 May 2012

Good poems! Attractive! Hard a little took time to understand!

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The greatest discovery of the 21st Century will be the discovery that Man was not meant to live at the speed-of-light.

The electric light bulb illuminates all that it touches.

Moral judgements block perceptions.

Will is no substitute for intelligence.

The greatest discovery of the 20th Century is the discovery of the technique of the suspended judgement.

The greatest discovery of the 19th Century was the discovery of the technique of discovery.

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