Douglas Williams Poems

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The Feeling Inside

Lonely and depressed,
feeling down and out.
Always being stressed,
with no release about.

Has Time Stopped?

Watching the face of the clock,
the hands moving ever so slowly.
With a tick and a tock,
the time changes so clearly.

Book Of My Life

Each day is but a chapter,
in the book that we live everyday.
The next page is unwritten,
waiting for the midnight closing.

Memories Of A Lifetime

Majestically standing before you today,
They are King and Queen of this mid-April day.
A union of their bodies, minds and spirits.
A bond so strong - nothing can tear it.

Nature's Own

A pebble in the pond,
rippling to the center.
Falling quickly to the floor,
the light fading behind.

Catching Pride

Sitting in tranquility,
watching the sun rise over the horizon.
Casting my superiority by the wayside,
hoping to catch my share of pride.


Staring out my car window,
mesmerized by the intense rain.
Daydreams of love and romance,
fill my already aching head.

Nothing But The Best

As I watch you sleep this eve,
I see your body move in rhythm.
I hear you exhale as you breathe,
the light fluctuations within.

Reflections Of Myself

Into the deep blue sky,
so beautiful and peaceful.
White, rollin' clouds try,
to cover and seem almost nocturnal.

Here I Come

Walking through the garden,
taking in the scents.
Pondering where I've been,
and what my life so far has meant.