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Has Time Stopped?

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Watching the face of the clock,
the hands moving ever so slowly.
With a tick and a tock,
the time changes so clearly.

I look deep inside my soul,
and see things that don't look right.
And watch as my life rolls,
and hope my problems come to light.

For as long as I have known,
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Faith Elizabeth Brigham 09 November 2005

A thoughtful, deeply moving and powerful poem...now is all we have...we could be gone tomorrow...trusting the present moment is where it's at...great poem!

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***** ********* 09 November 2005

Hi Douglas, don't know how old you are, new here are ya? lol Very good reflection of the importance of enjoying life in the now. Slow or fast. Mine is racing at the moment and I thank the lord above for it. It kind of stopped completely a few years ago. Good thought provoking poem 10 from me. Tired Tai

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 09 November 2005

Thanks for a wonderful reflective. There are indeed phases of life we all experience. You have arrived at that 'plateau' where the view is broader and the observations have become more meaningful! 'Has Time Stopped? ' No! For you, time has become less taken for granted and more appreciated. Congratulations. You seem to have 'landed' alright!

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