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What A World... Give Me Strength

I have ability to switch style
even under pressure
Focused concentration, I am
with tenacious unpredictability

Who Will Save The World?

My heart bleeds watching the world's distressing moments
Shame that no one can help as the world sinks
Stinking around in a mess of heartlessness and lawlessness
How did we get here to be lamed and shamed even by animals

Goodnight My Angel

What is good about the night
When the wind stops blowing in fear
Alas tomorrow will bring its own fortune
But the coldness is shy in the midst of rain

No More Sorrow

Born into a dark night village
Crawl disgustingly around the wood
Flame glowing with annoyance
Bowed by pained face of cruel looks

Fly Away Your Sorrow

He lost his wings at birth
Soaked in the misery of nothingness
Child caught the face of a dejected mum
Dad gasps for breadth in vanity of time

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Lawrence Ho 28 August 2014

Beautiful poems, my brother. When the world looks so dark and doomed we are atill the hope to turn it bright and joyous again. Let's do each individual small bit to avoid falling into the evil's temptation to pitch brother against brother, brother against sister and sister against sister. Shed away the cloaks of race creed colour we are of the same family Peace to all people of goodwill! !

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Jibrin Mohammed 28 August 2014

Indeed Dr. E. M. Abolo has contributed and continues to do so immensely to the structure and operations of banks' risk management functions in Nigeria in the course of his professional career, strategic and key membership of various risk management bodies, trainings as well as through his academic and empirical write-ups. He mentored a lot of professional risk managers, especially in the areas of risk modelling, stress tests, systemic risks, contagion and econometrics. It is no surprise IMF listed him as one of the sharpest minds in risk management in Africa.

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Dr. Abolo holds a Ph.D degree in Economics and is a Fellow of five professional bodies.He is a risk professional and is listed by the World Bank as one of the finest minds in risk management in Africa. He has passion for reading and writing.He is also a prolific speaker on GRC, finance, HR, Strategy, Leadership, etc.

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