Dr. Emmanuel Moore Abolo Poems

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What A World... Give Me Strength

I have ability to switch style
even under pressure
Focused concentration, I am
with tenacious unpredictability

Who Will Save The World?

My heart bleeds watching the world's distressing moments
Shame that no one can help as the world sinks
Stinking around in a mess of heartlessness and lawlessness
How did we get here to be lamed and shamed even by animals

Goodnight My Angel

What is good about the night
When the wind stops blowing in fear
Alas tomorrow will bring its own fortune
But the coldness is shy in the midst of rain

No More Sorrow

Born into a dark night village
Crawl disgustingly around the wood
Flame glowing with annoyance
Bowed by pained face of cruel looks

Fly Away Your Sorrow

He lost his wings at birth
Soaked in the misery of nothingness
Child caught the face of a dejected mum
Dad gasps for breadth in vanity of time

When The Sun Smiles

The rain kept pouring in vain
and no one seems to know the lain
The sorrow of labor lines the root
But the root appears in subjection

My Heart Goes Out In Winter

Long ago when I was young
I heard so many things
The Winter one I know
Very cold so cold I was told

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